4th of July plans?

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4th of July plans?

What does everyone have planned for the 4th?

We honestly don't have any plans at all. We'll watch fireworks on Sunday and Monday. We live close to a very large church here and the Sunday before the 4th they always do a big fireworks display. We literally walk out our back door and they are right there.

We might go to the pool with my dad at some point this weekend (he's a member of the Elk's and they have a pool) but we'll see. It's just too dang hot to get out and do a bunch of outside stuff. Especially in my condition.

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we dont have any big plans this weekend at all. i know today through saturday we are going to do our best to get the nursery primed and painted. Monday i hope to just relax, and it wold be really nice to DO something for once, but i dont think anyone is doing anything big this year. we usually have a cook out for the 4th, too busy this year! right now some adult time with a few icey drinks sounds SO good LOL

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We are always on the lake over the fourth. Since the 4th is on a Monday this year, we'll go out tomorrow. Have a light lunch (prollly Subway) on the boat and watch the boat parade during lunch. Then head in and get the kids naps b/c the fireworks on the lake start at 9:15 so we'd head out again around 8:00 (I know it's early before the actualy show but it is so crowded with boats, it takes a while to get where you are going). The show is a hour and it takes about a hour and half to get back to the marina and docked (again, everybody coming in at once and it's time consuming) so I hope the kids get a good nap in and are good on the boat. Today, I'm just staying home and enjoying some down-time, a little cleaning, a little cooking, and NOWHERE to go-- YAHOO! Monday, we are grilling out with my hubby's family at the park.

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We're going to go to the lake for the long weekend. so hopefully some long boat rides and some fun picnics. all depends on if the in-laws leave us alone with their stupid dogs (sorry these guys are not house broken, growl at my kids and BARK at everything oh and did i mention pee on stuff errgggg). the dogs by the way rank higher than the Grandkids....did i mention that my DS1 is allergic to them??? ohh sorry this turned itno a rant. oops.....

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nothing official as of yet. Friends of ours are coming in from Syracuse (she has an interview tomorrow), but I don't know if they are for sure coming. If they do come, we will do lunch or dinner or something with them. We had a bday party to go to, but I just don't feel like going - its an hour from us and too far to go for only a couple hours. We might stop over and drop off the gift and let the kids play for a bit. Outside of that, we'll go see fireworks on Sunday night, work around in the yard. I'm hoping somebody will put together a little bbq, so we'll have to see Smile

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we are camping!!!! I LOVE to camp, we have a camper w/ air and a shower....so not too much like camping I guess, but the kids are pumped. I plan on parking myself poolside for most of it! Happy 4th to everyone, I bet not long and we'll start seeing some "fireworks" on our board!!!

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We are on the go! We are staying at DH's fmaily's ranch tonight because we have maternity pictures there at 8 am tomorrow morning(it gets hot fast here in the Hosuton area). Then we are going to a baseball game later that night. Sunday we are going to a friends for a family 4th BBQ, then headed south to so DH can meet hi new niece. Then we are coming back to the Houston area Monday afternoon to head to his sister's for a family swim and cookout.

Talk about going here, there and everywhere. We won't get to pop off any fireworks. Most of all the counties in the area have banned fireworks and can't even been sold. Houston is one of the few cities still having their big firework display. All the surrounding towns aren't. That's what happens when it doesn't rain.

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We plan on possibly going to the beach with DS (but he has tantrums when water gets into his face so we’ll see!) we also have a hospital tour set up this weekend! I’m very excited about that! I think we’ll also work on car seat installing and just relaxing! I hope everyone has a great holiday, but the best part about it is the day off on Monday! I am dreading work more and more lately. Ohhh well 30 days and counting!

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man you guys are so active! All of your plans sound so fun to me. I assume DH will grill for us, but other than that I plan to hang in bed. Much like I have been all week. My leg is so swollen I can't go anywhere really - at most maybe out for a drive, but even that is hard now a days. My MIL thinks I'll be in the hospital having babies, but I don't.

Enjoy all your camping, cookouts, lakes, and relaxing!!

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I think we are going to watch fireworks tonight. On Monday my parents might have a picnic at their house and there are more fireworks Monday night.

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Fireworks are monday here...we will drive on the beach with about 5 other families and stay there from about 10am until after fireworks (which start about 915pm). We bring grills and cookout and play all day Smile

Sunday I'm having lunch with my mama and just spending some time with her Smile

Today we have 2 birthday parties to attend after nap.

Have fun ladies!