6 Month Photo's & UPdates?

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6 Month Photo's & UPdates?

I know our little babes are going on 6 months... hows everyone doing? Biggrin

Ben can:

Pull himself up, laugh at his brother, backwards crawl, and the rocking push off stuff, sit by himself, eat lots of different food, he does NOT like mashed potatoes though?, and sleeps great at night from about 8:30 to 6, and has three to four hours of nap time during the day, he's starting to say DDDAAAAADDDDDDAAAAAA, but no momma yet. Sad he will also reach for us and loves to be near his brother. Music is his thing, he will whip his head around to hear it and wiggle dance! And no teeth yet although it seems like he wants to naw on everything.

Here are a few of his 6 month photos Im soo happy with! Although my father in law said he kinda reminds him of Fester from the Adams family!!! grr...:)


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Seriously, he is too precious! It sounds like he is doing wonderful! I love that gummy smile! Smile

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Wow. I'm impressed. He sounds so strong. Pulling himself up? Sitting up and crawling. Evie's been stuck in the "almost sitting" phase for quite some time. But, then again, she is at the END of the month. Smile

He's adorable, too. Looks very happy. Smile