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This and that...

I finally got around to taking my GD test today. Really didn't want to which is why I put it off for so long. It wasn't so bad this time around. Hopefully I pass it and won't have to take the 3 hr one.

SHOWER UPDATE: My sister has been on the job. It's just my cousin that I can't seem to get in contact with. I was so happy to find out that something was being done. DH surprised me by bringing home a case of diapers. He even got the right size and used the coupon I had laid out on the desk. Kudos hubby. The closer I get to my EDD the more excited I get. Just can't wait to meet her.

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A good day all around. I'll be hoping you pass the GD test too! I'm soooo happy your sis is on the ball, what a nice relief. Remember to give your DH and extra kiss today for his memory. Smile

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KUP on the results! Hopefully you passed as well!

WTG hubby for getting diapers!

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Smile I bet you passed. That was super cool of your DH.