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I just went to the main page and saw that the months for 2012 are already up... It seems like not long ago the 2011 boards went up and I was dreaming of a summer baby.... And then ttcing... And then here.... Time is flying!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm 24 weeks today. Weeeeeeeee!


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LOL i hear ya! it seemed like jsut yesterday i was convinced that after so long at TTC that getting pregnant just wasnt in the cards for me. my knew in my gut it wasnt gonna happen. it was the First time my gut was ever wrong! i was so depressed then at the thought. but here i am...20 weeks today! Smile

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it is just zoooooming by! I can't believe how close we are!

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i know. i can't believe that we're at least 1/2 way though already. i'm trying to enjoy every minute of my exanding tummy cause this is the last baby.
LOL this mroning i rammed right into the sink to brush my teeth....belly was in the way. LOL

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"bumblybees" wrote:

LOL this mroning i rammed right into the sink to brush my teeth....belly was in the way. LOL

Ha ha... yeah... been doing that allot! I kinda feel in pregnancy limbo... not much going on, but its like we are coming to the top of a roller coaster ride. Looking down can go fast! Yahoo

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I always saying to myself "wow im this far along already?? I just found out!"
Im right there with Jessica...kind of in limbo, but cant wait for the downhill part of the coaster!! The things i feel are pretty freakin amazing...

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I noticed that too and said to myself Wow! Ive come along way.