acid reflux

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acid reflux

I have heard many of you and I have experienced it a couple of times (thank goodness) heart burn. But have any of you had acid reflux? I just started having it and it is terrible!

Does anyone have cures or help for it?

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yep, i do. i eat tums like its candy. the green (spearmint i think) work best for me. plus the others taste horrible. also you can take Apple cider vinegar, it supposed to be a natural "cure", but i havent had the guts to test that theory yet. YUCK! if you try it, let me know if it works. Wink

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i drank a ginger beer (saranac) with DS2 with every dinner. and that seemed to keep it away so i could sleep at night.
i don't know if it was coincidence but he was born with a head full of hair.
DS1 was completely bald and i didn't have any issue with him.

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i just eat tums like candy.

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I had it at the end of my pg with ds but so far haven't had acid reflux yet this time. I do take zantac occasionally, maybe that would help?

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Thanks guys! The doctor's office said Tums, Mayloxx (spelling?) and Mylanta. I may try the tums and the ginger beer sounds interesting.

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I completely understand where your coming from, i had acid reflux problems before getting PG, and now i do eat tums like candy. There are days where that doesn't even work. I guess we all just have to suffer from it. Although I was so mad the other day when just a banana set it off.