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of the failed 1 hr glucose test. I didn't just fail slightly, I bombed it. My number was 179 Sad

I had my regular OB appt yesterday and they snuck in the glucose test. I didn't think I was going to have to do it yesterday because I was the last appt of the day and I knew they wouldn't be around for the blood draw. But they made me drink it and then go to the emergency room to get my blood draw an hour later. I knew I didn't eat well yesterday, so it is no big surprise. However, now I have to do the 3 hr - yuck.

I also have to go back today and get my Rh shot.

My dr also told me everything looked great but she has reconsidered not doing the NST twice a week. The more she thought about it the more she thought I better. She said she would just rather be safe than sorry. So starting the beginning of June I will have an NST on Monday and an OB appt and NST on Thursdays. Plus I still have 2 more u/s to do -one in June (32 weeks) and one in July (36 weeks). :eek: That is a lot of appts.

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That's not right that they suprised you with it...
Since I knew it was coming, I ate a healthy (un-sugary) breakfast of plain 'ole cherrios and milk and water (and I still failed it). Sad I would bring up to them that you didn't eat exactly healthy. Smile

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What is wrong with us? LOL!
Hopefully you'll pass just fine with your 3 hour. I had to do NST's with ds and they were a pain in the butt. Hopefully I won't have to this time.

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Well thats not fair that they didnt give you any warning!! they should just do the 1 hr one again when youve had a change to eat properly! (or fast, depending on the time of day).

So sorry you had that happen!! Hope the 3 hr one goes good for you!

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That stinks, especially how they caught you off guard. i hope you pass the next one.

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"Chris_85" wrote:

That stinks, especially how they caught you off guard. i hope you pass the next one.

I totally agree!