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to life w/ 3 kids 5 and under....I'm super ubber busy...shouldn't even be sitting down now but hey! anyone have any wonderful organizing tips they use?! lol how's everyone else doing I know our board has been slow so it seems I'm not alone in the "busy boat" hope everyone is good Smile

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Still adjusting to just 2! I couldn't imagine 3! Eek!

No organization tips here as I need all the help I can get. Perhaps some mom's with more than 2 can offer some good tips!

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Oragnizing... ha! what's that?! Lol The nursery is such a mess I can't even change diapers in there anymore!

I'm behind on EVERYTHING... laundry (cleaning & putting away), vacuuming (and I only have ONE carpeted floor), sweeping/mopping. I'm behind on dishes which makes me behind on Evie's baths (I use the kitchen sink still)....

Gee it sounds like I shouldn't be on here, either!

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LOL add me to this list. Slowly adjusting. and way behind
My laundry gets done, but it stays in baskets. Diapers get changed downstairs on the floor 90% of the time, dont bother with the change table... lol.
I have a double kitchen sink - the one side is now the bottle sink, so it stays clean, but the other side gets emptied once a day (when I'm on the ball. lol) My only saving grace for my dishes is my dishwasher otherwise I'd be eating off paper plates... :rolleyes:
Vaccuum hasnt seen the light of day for a while, broom sweeps up the big stuff (like cheerios my toddler leaves around) but thats about it. Cat hair is slowly taking over some corners... lol.

I'll take some tips too!! Biggrin

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You know, I do love flylady and I followed her tips starting when I had a kindergartner and a 14 month old and continuted until we moved in February (half way through 1st grade and a then 2 year old). But ever since we moved back home it's been one thing after another... unpacking, nesting, baby, 2 year old diagnosed with communication delay... I think it's time to redo the baby steps. Although I tweak the baby steps to meet my needs. I don't put on make up and I have indoor and outdoor shoes (a habbit that started with our living in a very wet place), so I don't dress down to the shoes.

She's wonderful, though. But I suggest NOT signing up for the emails, it's mostly just people thanking her for her "work" and it floods your email. I need to unsubscribe. Lol

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"Nell4Him" wrote:

You know, I do love flylady

WOW I like it... I might have to start it. The 31 steps are all good ideas... And I do the shine the sink thing each night already - it takes 30min sometimes, but at least I dont feel overwhelmed when I walk into the kitchen in the morning. It does make a big difference, for some reason. lol

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I am still adjusting, too. I actually took some time this past weekend to do some organizing. I just have to stay on top of it, not much time for relaxing, still looking for the medium.

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I too love FlyLady but also had to adjust it to fit our life and yes I also had to unsubscribe to her emails! Lol I loved the daily one that reminded you what to do that day but unfortunately you can't choose to only get that one and yes, she sends like 10+ emails a day all pretty much saying similar things.
You'll adjust though! I had a bit of a hard time adjusting to baby #3 (and my oldest was also 5 when we had #3...I honestly think adjusting to kids starting school is a hard transition in itself so much extra stuff to do on top of everything you normally have) but it all works out. #4 hasn't been too bad, but I really think a big part of that has been that he's a pretty good baby I just have to make sure my house is clean when I go to bed and do little things to clean throughout the day to keep it clean. Plus I do at least a load of laundry a day, throw it in in the morning and then switch it over to the dryer whenever I get a minute (folding is another story!). I love the Flylady idea of the 'swish and swipe' which is basically just doing a quick clean of your bathroom each morning so that it doesn't build up to something you have to really work at when you go to do a big clean. I'm out of time Blum 3

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well glad to see I'm not alone here, I was feeling pretty crappy about my "domestic abilities! lol I did do flylady awhile back maybe I need to restart it.....

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I only have one and it's hard to stay organized, more so because we live in a 1 bedroom barely 700 sq ft apartment :eek:
BUT luckily we're moving next week... SOOOOOOOOOO excited.
Hope you find some good tips, i dont have any!

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Posts: 529 step-mom came and cleaned the house on Saturday and that was the first time the vacuum had been used since Lily came and I used to vacuum daily. It does not look messy but it sure is not clean. Right now I just cannot put Lily down without her crying so everything else has to wait. She is getting better though so I see a light in our tunnel.

I also unsubscribed to FlyLady e-mails...too much to go through but you used to be able to download a list from her site with a plan and that was nice. Not sure if it is still there though.

Good luck all, off to bed I go.

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We're still adjusting too, but I found it MUCH easier this time than with DD1. I don't have a choice about keeping the house clean because we're selling it. I just make do and send the kids outside as much as possible to keep them from creating total chaos Smile
I know it gets better, but it is definitely very frustrating most days.

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It is total choas at our house.

I used to have a cleaning lady that came once a week and also did our laundry. I was adjusted then. However, she quit about a month ago and I have not readjusted since. The house is a wreck and laundry is difficult to keep up with.