Advice on getting baby to take a bottle?

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Advice on getting baby to take a bottle?

I'll be starting back up with nursing school in January, so I'm trying to get a head start on getting Alex to take a bottle. I've tried daily for the past week. At first, all he'd do was chew on it & gag. Now he'll chew, gag, suck on it for .02 seconds, and gag again. I guess it's a start.

But I've tried different nipples, different bottles, different people, me being gone.... Nothing helps. Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get him to stop gagging on it so much? I should have listened to my own advice and given him a bottle every other day from 6 weeks on. Unfortunately, I was too lazy to pump and now we're paying for it!

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lurker from Sept

Does he take a pacifier? If so, have you tried that brand of bottles?

If he's gagging, maybe it's coming out too quickly and he needs a slower flow?

Tried different temps?

Hang in there! My DD1 never really took a full bottle, but eventually she'd drink a couple ounces to tide herself over till I got home from class and she could have the real deal! (Smart girl!)

At least by the time you start back up with school, your LO may be starting on cereals, so that may help tide him over if he won't take a bottle.

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Definitely try different temperatures. Both DDs were VERY picky about the temperature. It had to be warmer than I thought. He WILL take it if he is hungry enough. DS was very hard to get to take a bottle, but he did eventually start taking one.
Hang in there and just keep trying. You're very brave going to nursing school with 4 kids!

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DS2 started bottles n the NICU right after birth but that was because we had to give him formula because of low blood sugar and other issues. He goes back and forth between boob and bottle just fine. We introduced bottles with DS1 around 1 week and had no problems.

If you've tried different nipples and different ways then the only thing I can say is that if he gets hungry enough he'll take the bottle. Have you tried giving him the bottle?

I know "they" say to wait awhile to intorduce the bottle/paci but I know so many people who have waited and have had problems with their LO's taking the bottle.

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I had the same problem. I went through every bottle known to man and what ended up working was the Playtex Airvent with a wide so/flo nipple. Worked like a charm.

I agree with trying different temperatures.

Have you tried putting a little bit of breastmillk on the nipple and or a paci? I know that helped for me

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I'd pick one and just keep trying! I've heard that a lot of times a BF baby won't take a bottle from their mom, do you have your dh trying to feed the bottles?
My last two babies would NOT take a bottle, I probably would have tried a little harder though if I knew I had to leave them at some point. I just knew it'd be a lot of work and we don't get sitters often so I gave up.
This time I started early and we do bottles at least once a week. He takes the Playtex nursers with the drop in liners and brown nipples. Same brand and similar nipple for his pacifier Smile