Advice on hair please! Pics included

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Advice on hair please! Pics included

Okay, I've not had my hair cut in awhile and I'm desparate for one. Planning on getting it cut within the next 2 weeks.

Right now my hair is little above the middle of my back. I used to have nice thick hair but thanks to PCOS, it's a lot thinner. I don't have straight hair but it's not curly either. It's got kind of a funky wave to it. If I let it air dry without anything in it, it's a bit frizzy and wavy like. If I put some kind of product in it like gel or mouse or something and scrunch it then it's more curly. Also, I've got a round face.

I want something easy that I can do with 2 kiddos, that won't take me too long to do, that is good for thinner hair and is cute. I do work full time as well. I don't want to have to shower, put stuff in my hair, dry it and style it every morning. I want to be able to shower put stuff in it and go on my way. If it takes me more than 10 minutes to do my hair, I'm not going to stick with it.

So here are some that I was just looking at that I thought were cute and that I thought would possibly work with my hair either by putting some junk in it and scrunching it or letting it hair dry or on days when I'm feeling paticularly adventurous I can straighten or do something more with. I'm notorious for having my hair in a pony tail all the time.

So here is me now. You can obviously see how round my face is.

I really like this cut. Maybe a little longer. I don't have bangs now but I think I'd like to have bangs.

This style looks like a lot more work than what I'm willing to do but I think something similar to this, maybe a little longer would be okay???

This style looks really cute as well. Like the ones above.

And here is a long hair style. I'm not opposed to long hair. Maybe I should go gradual and do something like this? Then if I want it shorter I could do that??

Anyway, thanks for the advice ladies!!

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I think the second cut will look wonderful on you and be really easy to do and upkeep!

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I like the 2nd and 3rd ones and I think either one would look good. I love having my hair short, but I hate the fact that I have to do something with it everyday. Some days it's nice to just be able to pull it back in a ponytail!

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All are cute, but I think I like the second one the some after pictures with the one you decide on!

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I like the second one! I had a cut very similar to that last summer and thought it was pretty easy to style and was definitely flattering (I have a very square, chubby face).

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I like the second. I want to see pics when your done Smile

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I like them all. Personally, I'd make sure it is still long enough to pull back when you're in a hurry. And I just tend to think long hair is easier, but most people think I'm crazy. Wink

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I think the first or second one - definitely! And I think they'd be easy to take care of too...I just like the layers they have. I definitely think you need to post pics after you decide!

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"kilahmaree" wrote:

I like them all. Personally, I'd make sure it is still long enough to pull back when you're in a hurry. And I just tend to think long hair is easier, but most people think I'm crazy. Wink

I agree that you should try to keep it long enough for a ponytail if possible. Its so nice to throw it up when you dont want to fuss.

I cut my hair short a couple months after DS was born. It was ok, but I have longer hair again and Love it, so I'll be keeping it long (or at least as long as I'm not sick of it lol). If its up and back its out of my way and out of little fingers. With shorter hair I couldnt put back, it started to drive me nuts when I couldnt put it back and away from his little grabbing fists! lol

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I like them all too but would say go with the 'olsen do' so you can still put it in a ponytail. I cut my hair all off one time thinking 'If I can't get it in a ponytail, itll force me to do something with it everyday'....bad move! There was a reason a ponytail was convenient!

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I'm thinking I'm going to go with the longer style for now. If I don't like it then I can always go shorter. I'm afraid I'll go too short and won't be able to pull it back. I'll take pics!

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I'm awful with 'style', but your hair sounds similar to mine in which case I'll ask...have you ever had your hair shoulder length or shorter? If I cut my hair to my shoulders or shorter it poofs out! Major frizz and just a lot more 'body', but not in a good way. I keep mine curly but I have a different face shape. The other ladies touch on a good point too, while we don't want to have our hair in a pony tail *all* the time it's nice to have the option. I'd go with the Olsen cut for the longer length or maybe something similar with a longer side swept bang if that's something you want. A reccomendation, for trims I don't care who I go to but when I'm changing the style I'll go to a place where I pay a little more because a lot of the time if I explain my hair and what I want they'll do a great job without needing to point to a picture.

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I wanted short hair but my hair dresser would not do it.. Cause she said i would regret it.. and i'm glad i didn't cause i think its a lot of up keep for me. and with short hair I can't pull back in a ponytail ... cause I don't wear my hair down around my face during the summer. But I WOULD go with #2 Or # 3