AF already???

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AF already???

I felt a few cramps earlier today and yesterday. Just mild AF type cramps. Then twice today when I went to wiped after going to the bathroom, it was pink tinged CM. I stopped bleeding like 2 weeks ago. Can I really be getting AF back already????

I did just start the mini pill Sunday last week. Could that have anything to do with it? I'm exclusively BFing Max. When I BFed Alex I didn't ge AF back till like 4-5 months after I had him.

I'm not ready for AF yet!!!

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Im not BFing but I went on pill last week too and had spotting. its pretty much gone now, just a bit here and there. I'm on pill 8 tonight. dr said it could happen.

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Oh no! I hope not! No signs for me so far *knocks on wood*... I'm enjoying making it almost a year so far with having her visit.

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Oh I got her two days ago.. only 6 after all my pp bleeding stopped! I knew it was coming bc of cramps n the one pimple I always get lol. I'm ebf too, and did w dd1 but got AF back same timing w her too.:(

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I started the mini pill last week and my spotting Stopped

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You never know! I've heard of women who were breastfeeding that got af back right away. I think the only way to really tell is to see if there's a repeat in another month.
I got af back at about 3 months with DD1, 16 months with DD2 and never got it back after DS1! I got pregnant the first time I ovulated after him I guess Lol my LMP is April 1, 2009 Wink He was 12 months when I got pregnant so it would've been right around there.

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You can have very irregular spotting for months while you're breastfeeding. I had spotting here and there with both DS and DD1 until 5-6 months PP. But it could be related to the pill too. Maybe the "real" thing will stay away for a while yet.

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Well, no more spotting or anything. I guess it's related to the mini pill.