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I know they get worse with each delivery but geez laweeze!!! OUCH! Not only while he's nursing but in between, too. Is anybody else dealing with strong afterpains? What are you doing for them? I'm currently alternating Tylenol and Motrin but 1. I don't like doing that while nursing and 2. It really isn't doing diddly-squat.

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I didn't have any pains until my third baby, but I squirmed and cried every time I had to feed her... it was terrible. Plus, my body can't handle any real good pain relievers, such as Lortab or Percocet (they make me throw up), so I had to make good with Tylenol, which as you said did absolutely nothing. So unfortunately, I had to sit there and take it while she nursed. That's the only thing I'm really terrified of with this fourth baby, as I can't imagine the pain being any worse than my last baby! The good news is they only lasted about a week, so hopefully a few more days and relief should be in sight for you!

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Ugh, I'm so sorry. I'm scared to death this time of the afterpains because they were so bad with my first. Hopefully they won't last too long.

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I was just researching Red Raspberry Leaf and some women take it to help with the after pains from what I've read. It's that whole toning the uterus thing.

Did you say you took it before labor? If so and if you have some left, you might try that.


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Yup!! I didn't know it got worse with each baby - they told me that in the hospital. I didn't have hardly anything with our first. It only lasted probably 2 or 3 days though. And they kept up after feeding for maybe 5 minutes. I hope they pass quickly for you!

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I had AWFUL afterpains after baby #3! I know at that point my midwife said laying on your stomach helps but obviously you can't lay on your stomach while nursing Lol I'm going to try belly binding this time, I've heard that helps, I picked up a 6" ACE bandage to use to wrap myself, but there are expensive belly binders too if you'd rather not use the bandage. Other than that just keep up on the ibprofen, take it whenever you can even if you don't feel like you need it right away, it's a lot worse to let it get to the point where you feel like you absolutely need it and then have to wait for the meds to take effect. They do go away after a few days, hope you are feeling better soon, I think I'm more afraid of the afterbirth pains than labor itself this time around!

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I guess I'm lucky, haven't had them after either birth!
I'm having pain with my stitches.... When I move too quick or the wrong way it can be bad.

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I remember them while bf'ing DD last time...but honestly when my incision became infected then split, well that pain overtook the afterpains! I didn't know they got worse with each baby! EEK!

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uh yeah the after pains are really really crazy painful... My mom says her were always worse then her contractions... :eek:

At times I was almost to tears... And yeah they get worse after every child you have. After My 3rd I got them so bad I felt like i was going to puke every time ,if you BF its even worse...
I really didn't have a problem after 1st and 2nd baby.

I took Tylenol 3 , But the pain was still over powering the Tylenol, so I stopped taking it and just suffered the pain. The Motrin Did nothing. but its letting you know your body is doing what it suppose to do and getting your uterus back to normal.
Sorry , but give it a week and You will be much better :(.

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I am feeling a good bit better with them today! YAY!

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The RRL did help me some. They get better each day...I think it took 5 days for them to stop. Sorry you're dealing with them. They were definitely the worst this time!

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Belly binding works wonders-- I promise. Wrap yourself up tightly in either an ace bandage or some scrap fabric-- pressure on your uterus helps with the pain. GL!