Alex 4 mth. Check-Up and Update

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Alex 4 mth. Check-Up and Update

Alex was 4 months old on the 12th... WOW. Time is just flying by and I want it to SLOOOOOOW down! Beee It's selfish of me to want to keep him small though. Anywho, he was 26"s and and 16 and half pounds and doing great! He still hasn't laughed outloud but maybe twice so I brought this up and his pedi. says since he constantly has a smile on his face (Literally, he smiles ALL the time! Big, mouth hanging open smiles!) that it isn't a concern... just his personality... nobody's done anything funny enough to him to make him laugh, lol (I think this is funny in itself!). He also will not roll from his tummy to his back, just his back to his tummy (which is what they do second)... I have seen him do it maybe three times but he prefers to roll right to his tummy and just chill that way. He is such a laid-back baby... we have been blessed in that department. He likes a clean hiney, something to chew on, and mama's milk and he is content. Smile
Some cute things he is doing... he loves to chew on anything! A (clean) hand, a toy, a blanket... ANYTHING! Those gums are about to itch him to death! If ANYTHING touches his cheek, it's open-mouth, turn to eat time! He always thinks he's hungry, lol. We have mimicked him opening his mouth to everything so much to him that when we make that face at him, he does it back to us... SO CUTE and FUNNY! Smile
Hope you are all doing well and have a wonderful Christmas! Make lots of first Christmas memories with your babies! Smile

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Sounds like all is going super!!

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totally agree with you time is flying by way too fast, glad to hear every thing is going well and you have a happy baby, i am just now being able to get Lilly to laugh but only some times. i am jealous because she laughs for her auntie all the time.

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yep, agreed, time is going much too fast. i cant believe K is gonna be 4 months tomorrow! yikes! Glad everything is going so good for you! He sounds like such a happy little guy and he is so adorable! though you just made be feel better, Kendra doesnt laugh either, she does this screechy type sound on occasion when she is excited, but its not a laugh, but it is super cute to hear her when she does it. i was starting to worry just a tad...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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Glad he's such a big, easy baby. I wish time would slow down just a bit too. I'm already missing the newborn phase a bit.

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I think time goes faster with each baby! It's amazing how it works. I too wish it'd slow down!
Glad he's doing well. Isaiah is my first baby that is laughing this early. My other kids didn't laugh until much older, close to 6 months for my oldest. They all laugh plenty now Wink