Almost 23week appt today...

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Almost 23week appt today...

So tomorrow I'm 23 weeks! Wow!
I had a dr appt today and things look good. We got the "official" results of the u/s. Everything looks great! Baby is measuring at the 38th percentile.... Which kind of shocks me. Lol. From the day he was born DS has been on th 97th percentile... Yep he's big.... So to hear this baby is small is kinda cool. I realize he may not stay so small, but if he's smaller than DS I'd be happy! Don't think I can deal with delivering an almost 10lb baby again!
Also I've gained 4lbs this month... Which is fine. I think I'm up 18lbs or so total. I forget my starting weight.... Lmao...

Anyway, it was nice to hear the heartbeat and baby kicked at the wand again... Guess he doesn't like being disturbed! My bp was good and low... And she did some blood work to check my iron levels again. Hope they are good!

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yeah! for a great appointment! I go tomorrow to get my "official" results

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Yay for a great appointment, we got our results today too. Biggrin

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that sounds awesome! my kiddos have always measured small but been born larger-- i don't put much stock into u/s. Smile they say this baby is measuring HUGE for his GA but i just don't see it on me.

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Glad everything is going well! Dirol

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Good to hear that all is good!

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Glad the appointment went well!

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Yay for a good appt! i had my u/s results today too Smile