Almost 38 week appt.

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Almost 38 week appt.

Had my appt today and everything still looks good! BP was up just a bit (135/78), but still normal for me. No weight gain (yay!), HB was good, urine was clear and negative. She checked me and I'm close to 2cm and 50% effaced. That's awesome considering 2 weeks ago I was still high and closed. So yay for progress~!
I think I mentioned this before, but DH doesn't get to schedule his vacation (it's assigned), and he is off during my 39th week. So I am really hoping baby decides to come that week so that we have more than one day with him off. My OB is out of town this coming week, so I have one more reason to have baby the 39th week. You better believe I'm going to be living on the breast pump and walking my butt off next weekend and week. Smile
Oh, and funny preggo brain moment. On my way home today, I was getting gas at the little gas station close to us and had an OCD moment of throwing all the trash in my SUV out. When I got home a few minutes later, I realized I had thrown out $80 worth of Starbucks gift cards that I had just purchased for some co-workers. Needless to say, I sped back to the gas station and grabbed them out of the trash. I probably made quite a picture- 9 months pregnant and digging in the gas station trash can. :rolleyes:
ETA: GBS was negative- yay!

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LOL I wish you had a pic of the trash picking!!

Glad your appt went so well and it's a shame DH's boss wouldnt let him switch weeks so he had your 40th week off instead...booooo!!!

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Yay for progress and being GBS-! That's so funny about the trash...I bet it was gross in all this heat!

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Thankfully, they were still close to the top! Smile

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Glad appt went well.

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LOL - I'd go digging for that much in starbucks cards too!!! Wink

I'm glad you had a good appt otherwise!

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I would sooo dumpster dive for gift cards! OH and gooood progress!