amnio fluid

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amnio fluid

I have a question I know you ladies can help me with. This am when I was going to the bathroom it seems like I just kept peeing - like a LOT. It was flowing off and on since I was going potty potty as we call it (sorry for the tmi). I've seen many times where people say your water doesn't go while sitting up usually, but this was really a LOT. Is there any way to know if my bladder was just amazingly full or if it was amnio fluid? Sounds silly, but it didn't always feel as if I was going, but fluid was still flowing. ??

I have had no complications - no bleeding, no cramping, I haven't noticed the jelly discharge of the mucus plug. I had my 30 wk appt yesterday and everything looked great. Am I just paranoid?? Please tell me I am.

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If it's amniotic fluid it won't fully stop. There will be some constant leaking. Does it still feel like something is 'leaking'? They can do a ph test to determine if it's urine or amniotic fluid as well.

I remember when pregnancy with DD1 I would pee and think I was done, stood up, and then felt like I had to go more and did. Towards the end I would stand up and sit down a few times to make sure that I had fully emptied my bladder. The way she was positioned made it very difficult to fully empty my bladder without moving around. And sometimes it felt like I wasn't really peeing but there was some coming out. (And I always had the thought on amniotic fluid too!) I'm sure with 3 babies in there that could possibly be the case!

Glad everything looks good. That's awesome that you've made it this far!

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Amnio fluid can start and stop. Probably not while you are sitting on the toilet, but it will if you stand up, sit down, move different ways. Especially if it's a small leak. The best way to tell is to get the test (lot of help, huh?). But amnio fluid is completely clear and smells almost sweet, so you probably can tell just by looking and, eh, smelling it. If you haven't had any leaking since then, you're probably fine.
It really sounds like what the PP mentioned. Probably just babies' positions causing your flow to be somewhat restricted and taking it forever to all come out. If you are worried at all, I would call your OB. Having 3 in there can be totally different than just one! KUP!

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Yeah, if it keeps flowing then it's probably your water breaking. I'm sure this can be quite difficult for you but when you go, try bending over a little after you think you've finished or like the PP, stand up then sit down again.

If you really think it's your water breaking then defintely go to the hospital. They can test it to see if it is or not. And it's quite common for women to think their water broke when it actually didn't.

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I haven't had any leaking since, so it was probably just a super full bladder. I have tried the lean forward to make sure it's empty trick, but either can't lean forward enough b/c of the belly or something. It just never works for me. I'll have to try the multiple chances option now.

Thanks much ladies! Sometimes I wish I had a "normal" pregnancy before this b/c I just don't know what anything feel like.

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Yep, it'll keep leaking if it's your water.
And honestly, I've had 3 pregnancies before this one and stuff that I have no clue about still comes up!

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Sounds like it might just be pee. Biggrin Don't feel bad about confusing it or not being sure, everyone feels like that! (not just FTMs)

With DS when my water finally broke (I was in labor) it almost felt like a ripping sensation inside and then the fluid was flowing and there was no mistaking it.

But, I had gone into the hospital a week and a half before my due date thinking it had broke, when It didnt. I had a lot of fluid soaking my undies and I peed a lot, so I thought it was "time". They politely said I probably peed myself ... lol :rolleyes:
The L&D are used to that I think - they were good about monitoring baby and contractions, and did the test and did an internal exam and sent me back home because it wasnt my water. No harm done, and only a few hours wasted, but it was peace of mind that was important. So, if you really arent sure, go in or call your doc.

Oh and I remember them saying to wear a pad and if you soak it quickly then thats one way to help tell if it is your water or not.

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Sounds like pee to me, too but I did want to say that your bag of waters has two layers to it actually. I knew the first layer of my daughters had been broke (by my doctor) and I leaked a little but there was no gush. Then, when I sat down on the delivery table after going to pee (and it did sound alot like what you described), the main bag of waters poped and gushed. Maybe something like this?

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Sounds like you have gotten lots of good advice.

If there is ever a question though - go to L&D and get checked.

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I'll be the person that says get checked just to make sure Smile

When my water broke it was not a large gush....I sat down to pee, and I started 'peeing' before I actually started peeing LOL I didn't have any leaking after that really, went to hospital, they did the test and it was my water!

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Well, I went in today just cause I was still thinking about it. I knew if I told DH he would get on my case, so I just went in. Ugh. 3 hours later.... they spent more time monitoring heartbeats than anything. It was easily 1-1.5 hrs before they really did the swab/test. Then another u/s to measure deepest pocket and close to an hour for the test results to come back. Long enough I took a nap. Nothing wrong, she said it looked like light mucus but that's all.

I was chastised in a good way, if that is possible, for waiting until today.

Funny story - I was checking in and the lady got frustrated b/c my acct was inactive since I was "overdue". They had the due date as 5/24. I said ummm, no - that was the last/only time I was here, not the due date. Crazy people.

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Glad to hear everything was fine!