Another silly question, Sorry

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Another silly question, Sorry

Ladies im sorry if i am annoying you with all these questions, it sure seems to be the week for em.

So for the last few weeks, when i sit down to pee, i have been feeling this popping sensation around the region of my bladder, right up front where my belly meets pubic hair directly in them middle. It is a strange feeling and at first i thought it was kendra giving me a punch. now i realize its not caused by her punching me as i ONLY feel it when i sit down to pee. it doesnt happen all the time, but a good bit of hte time. sometime the "popping" is stronger than others, but it doesnt hurt at all, not even uncomfy, just makes me jump when it happens cause they still take me by surprise. im not concerned about it, but will try to remember to ask OB about it on Monday.

Are any of you experiencing this or am i just a complete weirdo?? ok ok, i AM a complete weirdo, but still! Smile

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I don't have that feeling - I just have the "OMG is my vagina about to fall out" feeling

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My guess is that it's probably cartilage of the pubic symphysis/pelvis popping when you sit down in that position? IDK. I will be interested to see what your OB says! There are NO silly questions!

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I have no idea either. but ask away. that's what we're here for!

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"KerriWeasel" wrote:

I don't have that feeling - I just have the "OMG is my vagina about to fall out" feeling

hahahahaha this is me too!

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does it sound like when you crack/ pop your knuckles ???

I have this but not when peeing, i figured that it is baby stretching and making this noise.

it probably is just cartilage "poping" but that is just my opinion.

I will be curious to hear what a dr. says tho, and what others have had.

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i cant hear it, i feel it. it VERY close to the surface of my skin, right where my belly ends and pubic hair begins. i dont think there should be cartilage there?

figures, guess i AM more weird than i thought Biggrin