another thing to add to the list

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another thing to add to the list

My bp was up at my appt. today...147/94....doc took it again and it was even higher. Had trace protein in urine too. Now I get to do 24hr urine catch and had buncha bloodwork done as well. I hate the urine jug, its so gross to keep in your fridge!!! :puke2:

Other then that I gained 4lbs since Monday, but likely due to swelling bc I'm a fatty today from it. HB was great, measuring 33 wks which he said was fine, said my contractions were likely to continue to the end.

One really great thing he made my day about was how worried I was about delivering at the hospital so far away if I didn't make it to 37wks. He said at this point if I make it to 35wks then I can probably deliver at the hospital I had DD at which is in the middle of the one closest to us and the big one up state far away. He said their nursery can do some oxygen and if for some reason that wasn't enough she could be transfered after. This hospital is only like 40 min from my house so while it's not ideal, I wouldn't be that upset. It wouldn't be my docs that delivered me there tho because they don't have rights there, so likely a doc from my old practice with DD that I left would be the delivering doc. Overall I'm still happier to deliver there if necessary then at the one so far away.

So overall appt was a mix of good and bad :confused: I feel like my body craps out at the end of pregnancy, drives me nuts!

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I'm sorry Sad That's good that you can deliver a little closer, though.
Hope the 24 hr urine results come back good. I know that's no fun at all.

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Aww sorry to hear about your BP and proteins. I felt like that with DS - my body seemed to fall apart near the end. This time its much better.

I'm glad youre happier with the closer hospital. ONe less thing to worry about is good!

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Ugh, Anne, that sucks.

Something to think about in regards to the hospitals...the one where you could deliver at 35 weeks, is it a level 2 NICU? If so, they can only give O2 to babies for up to 8 hours...which means that if your baby needed more than that, he/she'd be transferred to the other hospital and you would still be at your hospital...meaning you'd be separated until you were released. It might be worth it to do the extra drive so that you'd be in the same place and able to visit the NICU. I only mention it because I did my NICU rotation last week and this happened to one of my patients. He was in the NICU and his mom was at another hospital and couldn't visit.

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Bummer on teh urine jug mess. that just sounds crazy.
i do hope yo can make it just another 2-3 week so you can deliver at the hospital where your doc has rights.
i agree with Joy though, if baby does come early i'd want to be in teh same hosptial as my baby was if they had to stay in teh NICU.
good luck and HUGS!!

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I hadn't thought about that Joy, I'll have to ask next time I go.

Overall, Im hopeful my labs come back ok. I feel awful, but I don't know if it's pre-e awful.

I believe in my body to make it to at least 37 wks!!