Another update from the Doo with a stolen five minutes!

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Another update from the Doo with a stolen five minutes!


Can't stay long but wondering how everyone is!

My news since the last -

1. I failed the glucose test last week and have to go back tomorrow morning for the 3 hour one. Joy.

2. We're moving home - psycho wench can have her cat pee ridden back yard and studio back - long story but glad to be moving into a much bigger space, to peace and quiet and can finally put the baby's things out like a crib!

3. Packing all weekend. Tired but glad and excited at the same time!

4. Me is gonna sign me up for a doula - with having bought an SUV for the baby's arrival (we were driving a tin can before, DH was worried it wouldn't be safe enough for her) and put down a deposit on the apartment, we're bone dry of cash but happy to know she's VERY flexible on payment. Will have my MIL with us for last 2 weeks of July and incase Peanut decides to show early, it would be nice to have a sane woman around as much as I love my MIL.

5. DH needs another sane woman around besides me incase his mother is there lol!

6. Um...have an ultrasound next Wednesday to check on placenta and Peanut.

7. Had an AWFUL cramp this morning in my sleep - on the left side and around my abdomen. Nothing like anything I felt before. Made me really hot and double up in pain. DH was worried. Still felt the last remnants of whatever it was around my back...but could it have been RL pains?


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Glad things are going well.

Yes - sounds like ligament pain to me. I get them really bad and can't stand up straight. I have talked to my dr about it and she said it is normal in pregnancy. They are definitely really bad.

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aaah, thanks for confirming that here - I wondered because my belly is BIG and never felt any pain or stretching of any kind except some itchiness here and there due to the stretching, nothing inside...guess it caught up with me huh?

I mentioned it at the clinic when I went back for the 3 hour test...she said it could also have been the baby shifting around...did feel a few kicks but probably because I was cramping...

Back to packing!