Any signs?

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Any signs?

With my first two babies, I had some signs weeks before going into labor and with this one, I've had some that make me think D-day is approaching! I have been sooooooooooooooo incrediably tired! This is how I was with both my previous babies the last weeks before labor-- like my body was resting up for the job ahead. Then with both, I'd go on a cleaning spree right before I went into labor, so I'm sleeping and waiting for that. So glad the hubs is home so I can nap b/c ladies, I cannot keep my eyes open! It's gotten so bad that I'm scared to drive! I go to bed around 9, sleep until 10, wake up to make the kids lunch (DH will have already given them breakfast), and I usually go back to bed around 2 or 3 and sleep till 4 or 5, back up to make dinner and back to bed at 9. I'm just plum wiped out and this heat doesn't help. One thing I am missing that I had with both my other babies is the contractions. I'm not having as many as I was with them by this time..... maybe b/c it's summer and I'm keeping more hydrated. Anywho, here's to six more weeks (or less, preferably less but I'll let baby decided when he is gonna come) and counting!!!

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I have had no changes but I consider this a good thing since I am only at 30 weeks but I cannot wait to hear what signs signal something since I am a first timer.

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"jessica2575" wrote:

I have had no changes but I consider this a good thing since I am only at 30 weeks but I cannot wait to hear what signs signal something since I am a first timer.

I totally agree with Jessica. I'm at 30 weeks to, first time mom and love hearing what you guys have to say. ome of it freaks me out - the regenerating plug, lol. But still helpful!

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TMI warning.....
My system has been "clearing out" for a few weeks now and it had me really concerned the first week. I've always been normal until the last week of pregnancy and that was one of the signs of impending labor for me (although I totally didn't realize it with my first). But like you, I'm not having many contractions or anything, so I'm guessing my body is just doing something different this time. I would be so happy to only have 6 weeks left, but I may have more like 8 if this one decides to come later than my other two.
I was lurking on the July board and was shocked at how many women are only 37-38 weeks and trying natural induction methods. I don't know why you'd put yourself through that until you're sure your body is ready.

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I had zero signs with my DD until the morning I went into labor. Seriously. No BH, didn't lose my mucous plug, didn't start "emptying my system", wasn't even nesting! But I woke up at 3 am feeling kind of period crampy, went to the bathroom, there was some blood, which freaked me out. Realized I'd lost my mucous plug. Coudln't go back to sleep. I thought it was imperative I bake a cinnamon cake and clean all the baseboards in my house (gotta love those hormones!). Started cleaning like crazy, had a little bit of a backache, but still was clueless I was in labor. At about 6 I realized that my "backaches" were occuring at regular intervals, lol. Woke my DH up to tell him he had to stay home from work. Kept cleaning, took a shower, etc., and finally called my MW at 9am to let her know things were happening. DH and I ran a bunch of errands until about 1pm. During this time my contractions were getting a bit stronger. Didn't have my MW come over until 3pm, and baby was here at 735pm. So yeah, you don't always get signs weeks ahead of time, ha ha. I kept thinking there was something wrong with me or I was going to be preggo forever because everyone else on my birth board were having BH and had lost their mucous plugs *weeks* before giving birth. So for the first time mommas, don't worry if you never have any signs! Wink

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With my first, I had started losing my plug a few weeks before and the week leading up to labor, I was having contractions on and off (I totally thought they were BH though). So far I don't have any signs...not surprising though - I'm only 33 weeks at this point. I would hope in 2 or 3 weeks I'll start losing my plug. I didn't technically go into labor on my doctor stripped me at my appointment which pushed me into labor.

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With my 1st i went on a cleaning spree went into labor 4 days later
My 2nd i was so tired i feel asleep at the table eating went into labor that night
my 3rd I don't remember.

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I'm so tired it's not even funny, but I figure it's from not being able to sleep at all. I feel like I'm semi-awake all night long then try to sleep from 8-9 on and instead just am semi-awake from all the noise/activity in the house and on the road. I'm wiped.
I've had no signs that I know of, sigh.

I too saw the July board and the wanting to induce naturally. I also thought "I don't get it? If the baby is not ready??" As much as I want them out, I'm glad they aren't ready yet and will do my best to mentally stay in the game.

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The only sign I'm having is I think he's dropped. Several people have commented on him dropping or me carying him low but I don't know.

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With my 1st I had nothing. My water broke 20 days past the EDD. With this one I haven't felt anything except for a few BH here and there. I am extremely tired though. Just really wanting things to hold out until its time for the csection.

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My sister was due last Saturday and nothing...not a sign or a hint. Poor girl is huge and just wants to be done. We are in AZ and it is supposed to be 113º tomorrow.

I know I may well feel different at the end of August but I want her to come when she is ready and done cooking so I plan on letting her start things.