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Appointment Yesterday

I got my Rhogam shot (ouch!) (and I have a question about this later on). I've gained... wait for it... EIGHT POUNDS in TWO weeks!!! Sad So that's a total of 16 lbs. I just keep hoping that atleast half that 8 lbs. is just fluid, lol. BP was fine, sugar was ok, I DID pass the glucose test-- I dunno what that nurse was talking about as I was four points UNDER the 140 cut-off..... As ya'll know, I've had concerns with the baby's size and I thought all that was put to rest when my belly poped the other week but now, they are concerned so they are doing an ultrasound this coming Tuesday. This is the third time I've been that I've measured 33 cm, so my uterus isn't growing but the baby seems to be growing fine. She said feeling from the outside, the baby feels fine-- she could feel his little foot and said it felt normal and that he seemed to be a good-sized 30 weeker IF he WAS balled up, if was strectched out, she would be concerned and she couldn't tell if he was or not. So we will find out more Tuesday morning and I will keep you ladies posted! Smile

Now for my question-- M/C ment.
I lost my first pregnancy in May 2005, I've excepted it and moved on but I have obsessed over why from time to time. Why did I lose that one when I've easily gotten pregnant and carried three others. Well, about a year ago, I thought maybe I had lost it b/c I set off a bug-bomb before I knew I was pregnant and didn't get out the house fast enough and inhaled some of the stuff-- I thought my lungs were on fire and I was going to have to go to the ER so I know I inhaled too much but now I'm wondering if it was the Rh factor. Did my body attack my first baby and I lost it b/c I didn't know my blood type yet? I didn't know my blood type until I was 9 or so weeks along with DS and he was fine. The whole Rh thing, as much as I've read on it, it's still confusing to me. It was just a thought/idea on my loss but I look at it as, I wouldn't have my amazing little boy now if I hadn't lost that baby and I couldn't imagine life without him. Smile

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Well I am glad you passed your glucose test.

On the bright side, at least you get to see your LO again next Tuesday. Nothing appears out of the ordinary so just think of it as a bonus u/s.

As far as the Rh factor goes, I don't think your body will attach another baby unless it has already been exposed to another blood type. I am by far no expert though. I have to get the Rh shot too. I have had two m/c's. Both times I have gotten prego without fertility meds ended in m/c. The dr thinks my eggs just aren't healthy enough without the extra boost they get from clomid. My dr keeps telling me m/c's are natures way of natural selection. If there is something wrong genetically, and early m/c will occur. There is nothing the mother could have done about it.

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as having m/c myself i could only ever comfort myslef that God knows better and the child must have been too precious and special to walk this earth.
I too wouldn't have my son if the first baby had stayed and life has been full of adventure with him.

i too had to wonder if changing the cat box and the stress of moving caused the m/c. and i'll never know.

but :bigarmhug:

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I have no help with the RH factor unfortunately....

But as far as the other stuff goes...I am glad everything came back okay!! I hope the u/s proves your LO to be just fine!!! And least you get more pictures SmileSmile

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RH Factor only affects subsequent pregnancies. IF the first pregnancy involves incompatible blood types crossing, then a RH sensitization can occur and any pregnancies that happen after the one where bloods crossed could be at risk for failure.

It would not have caused your first miscarriage unless you had unknowingly been pregnant and miscarried (after the baby's blood started pumping) before that pregnancy and the baby's blood was RH positive and crossed with your blood.