appt. this morning

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appt. this morning

So I went in feeling like I was determined to leave feeling more comfortable about what was going on. I feel like I got that, even though it wasn't my first choice of the action to take.

I do want to preface this with letting everyone know that I wasn't looking for delivery simply because I feel 'done' with being pregnant....I am looking for a more calm, safe birth where everyone is healthy, happy and confident. To me when I see a spiral of events unfolding, I prefer to take care of things while they are still good, not when an emergency arises, especially when I have experience in the later.

So basically went in, BP was a little high, but nothing crazy. I did have protein (+1) in my urine this time. When I went in with the doc the hb and belly measure must have been fine bc he didn't say anything about it. I told him that I wanted to discuss what the risks of waiting were and why he felt confident in taking them. He said that it is his practice to not take a baby before 39 wks unless the fluid is 5 or below. He said he promised to monitor it with the fluid chk once a week, a bpp with it, and an nst after. If it started to decrease it would be more frequent then once a wk until it dropped to 5 or below (or close enough to it). In terms of the protein/nausea/high bp he wants to do another 24hr urine catch, blood protein level, and the usual pre-e blood workup. I inquired why he felt it important to go against my high risk docs recommendation for delivery and he said that somehow there was a misunderstanding of my water being ruptured? That in his report to my reg. ob he said water had ruptured and fluid was low. I'm not really sure how that happened as it wasn't discussed with my high risk doc and so my ob was going with it bc he was thinking there was no other option. My doc apologized for the mix up and getting myself and my family all worked up and scared. He said he would do everything to keep baby in until the scheduled date so things were calmer, but I just had to deal with the fact that emergencies happen and it could happen again.

He also scheduled my c-sec for Wed. the 24th (this is his OR day for scheduled surgeries) if everything stays copestetic until then. So unless something goes wrong with fluid, baby, me, or I go into labor, this will be my day.

Overall I feel better now. I'm just so damn paranoid about everything mounting up and not feeling in control of things. One thing I have decided to do is before every appt. with my doc and at the hospital each week I'm going to shower and pack all my last minute things in with the bag that's already packed. At least then if they tell me I'm staying its just a matter of DH grabbing the stuff and heading over, not me giving him a list of things to add and stressing us both out more. We have also worked out a plan with family that makes me more comfortable.

If you made it through, thanks for listening and supporting me Smile I'm beginning to feel like I'm going crazy and the worry had taken over my life.

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It sounds like a pretty good appointment and like you have a really responsible OB. I'm really glad that he thinks the baby can make it to 39 weeks, the chances for a positive outcome for baby are so much better at that point. Hopefully your body will cooperate. It is distressing that there was miscommunication between the two wonder you were frustrated.

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I'm really glad to hear that you're more at ease with what is going on now. And it sounds like you've got a plan for everything else to be good as far as logistics.

hugs and don't worry about venting, that's what we're here for.

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I'm so glad he explained everything to you. It sounds like he is being reasonable. Hopefully baby can stay in until the scheduled date and things go very smoothly for you!

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I'm glad you feel better and everything worked out. it sounds like hes a good doc after all! Sorry about the miscommunication. It happens and can be VERY annoying. lol. But I'm glad it all worked out.

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good to here you have clarification, and a plan that puts you more at ease.

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Its hard to handle miscomunication between doctors! They are supposed to know things and keep you feeling good, and it doesn't help when they get things wrong, but it sounds like they have a good plan with checking the fluid levels and such. Glad your feeling better. I agree about getting stuff together ASAP so you feel as ready as you can be for whatever happens. Take it easy...