Appt and U/S today

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Appt and U/S today

I had an U/S and appt today. My OB wanted an additional U/S just to check things out because I was measuring 3 weeks ahead. Baby looked great, moved around so much it was hard to get pictures. Her head is tucked down in my pelvis (explains why I have to pee constantly now). She is measuring approx. 4 lbs 9 oz and 2 weeks ahead (I realize U/S isn't completely accurate). So probably just another 8+lb baby. The tech kept commenting on how chubby her cheeks are already. She kept putting her fingers in her mouth and playing with her toes Smile I have a few pictures, but she was so wiggly you can't see much.
The appt went well. BP is great, HR was in the 150s. Can't remember how much my weight was up, but I had just stuffed myself at P.F. Chang's, LOL. My OB said that the fluid levels on the U/S looked very normal, so no concern there.
Overall, a great appt. It's always fun to see the LO. Hopefully soon we'll have a name for her.

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Glad everything went well! I feel like me LO is down low too with the pressure I'm feeling. My next appt isn't till the end of the month (U/S and regualr visit) and I can't wait to see him again!

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Congrats! I cant wait for my next u/s at the start of July (to check size)

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I couldn't get over how chunky my lil guy was (4 lbs. 8 oz. @ 31 weeks)-- I can just imagine what he will look like at birth by just adding some color to his u/s. Smile glad you had a good appointment.

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Congrats! Did they move your due day up?

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Yea to a great appt and getting to see you LO again!

I am glad everything is going well Smile

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yay for seeing your little one again! and so glad your appointment went well! I'm jealous of all you ladies that get to see your little ones again.

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"KerriWeasel" wrote:

Congrats! Did they move your due day up?

No, she just kept it at the current one and is just assuming baby is going to be a little bigger than "average". I am certain my EDD is accurate, so I'm glad she didn't move it up any (gives me time to avoid an unnecessary induction).

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it must be reassuring to have had another ultrasound, and to know baby is growing good.