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I just wanted to say Congrats to all the mama's on their little ones. Arabella is doing great, had a minor scare with pneumonia, but everything is fine. Arabella is sixteen weeks old now. She is 7lbs 9oz. I still havent had a chance to figure out the picture thing, lol. I have been very busy with her and planning my wedding, which is in 2 weeks! We decided life is to short and to enjoy every day we have together... I am still finding out things that happened to me the day arabella was born in may.. found out that my liver was not doing good when i had the severe preeclampsia, and cardiac arrest. The doctors were watching my kidneys too. Talk about me malfunctioning. geez.. but thankfully Im still here with my beautiful daughters and fiance. Biggrin If you ladies would like to see a picture of arabella..My facebook is set on private, but you should be able to see my profile pic of arabella. look up Terri Jordan Killough

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I'm so glad everyone is doing well. Congratulation on the upcoming wedding!

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I am glad that you are doing so well and that Arabella is growing! It sounds like you had a really close call. Hope the wedding is wonderful!

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Glad your doing well. Congrats on the Wedding Smile

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I'm glad Arabella is doing well! And congrats on your upcoming wedding. So exciting!!

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Congratulations on doing well, Arabella doing well and the upcoming wedding!!

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thank you everyone.

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