Baby girl is here

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Baby girl is here


I wrote this last night so the day reference is off...

Sorry we did not call went way too fast. Smile

Here is our story with probably way fewer details than exist because I cannot recall much.

This morning the m/w told me we were going to induce tonight (11pm) because fluids were too low but hospital had no rooms & while not good levels they felt comfy waiting until tonight. I left work around noon and went home. At about 1:45pm I started feeling something but I was not sure it was labor. At 2:00 I told DH to take a shower and we left about 2:30 for the hospital. By the time we got to hospital (about 3:15) the contractions were 2 minutes apart and I thought I was dying (the pain). They checked me and I was only 2 and while I had wanted to go natural I quickly changed my tune. 20 minutes later they checked again and I was 5. 20 minutes later they checked again and I was 9. They called my w/f and told her to get here and I was begging for the drugs. The anesthesiologist came in (finally) & was telling us how it works & how I could not move while he was putting it in all the while I was writhing in pain. It was apparent to all but me that the epidural was not a viable option. M/W showed up and I was pushing & they were all helping with positions & whatnot cause I could not do it. DH tells me that things got scary here & he stepped aside...all faces got serious because baby's HR dropped to 80 & m/w told a nurse to get our Dr. there immediately (I don't recall this part). I was begging for them to get her out of me & the pain was not at all like I imagined. They kept having me reposition & apparently that worked b/c at 5:05pm she was on my chest & Dr. walked in & m/w told him that we had been his 11pm induction.

She is 8 lbs, 1 oz & got 9 on her APGARS both times.

A few minutes after birth...

A few hours after birth...

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Congrats! That was really fast! She's adorable

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Good job, mama! My first was a really fast labor and it was INTENSE... I'm glad you were able to do it naturally. Enjoy your sweet girl!

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Wow! Congrats

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holy cow that really was fast!!! Congrats on the baby and a natural delivery!

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Congratulations!!! Super fast for sure!

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good job congrats mama!

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Way to go Jessica! She is beautiful and a great size! So happy for you!