Baby Hates Carseat

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Baby Hates Carseat

What do I do? I cannot go anywhere, no matter how much I prep. and nurse before hand, without Alex screaming bloody murder in the car. HELP! I have to go to the library once a week to get my school kids their daily reading books, I have to go the grocery store atleast once a week, amoungst other errands that just have to be done. I don't get why he hates it so much? I've looked in the carseat to make sure nothing was poking out that could be hurting him, nothing. Car trips, even the shortest, have become very stressful and I dread them.

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Sad no advice here, Kendra loves her carseat! but i sure hope it gets better. nothing worse than running errands with a screaming baby besides not knowing why the baby is screaming in the first place! Good luck!

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Oh no! I'm so sorry. I have no advice here. Hopefully once he gets older it will get better. Maybe try some toys on the handle for him to look at??

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Both my boys HATED their car seats!!! I totally understand what you are going through.

With DS#1 I ended up getting a different car seat that seemed to "fit" him better and that did help a little. With DS#2 there just was no consolling Ugh.

He grew out of it around the 3-4 month mark. Now he loves riding in the car.

All I can say is just try to gear yourself up emotionally for each car trip. Sometimes classical music seemed to help and sometimes having dangling toys distracted him enough to give me a 2 or 3 minute break from the screaming.

I wish I had better advice for you other than to wait it out. If he's a little colicky or has some reflux that might be part of the problem (their tummies are a little scrunched in the car seats) so nursing him before a car ride isn't the best idea.

GL - I hope your LO grows out of it fast for you!!! In the meantime I wish you much patience and a pair of ear plugs Smile

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DD1 was the same way. Having known other people who dealt with it, I knew the best thing was for me not to let it effect my daily life and just let her grow out of it. She got better about around 2-3 months. But I also bought her a different car seat. It had memory foam padding and was much more comfortable than the Eddie Bauer that I had.
Hang in there!

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My DD hated her carseat too & it really was such a nightmare to take her out. Eventually she got over it (maybe 3-4 months) and was a lot better. Do you have a head positioner or anything in there with him? My DS hated his head positioner. Good luck! :goodluck: It is tough to have a baby who doesn't LOVE their carseat like it seems like most babies do.

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My DD has always hated the car. Even now, at 17 months. Emotionally, it was really hard for me in the beginning. I still hate to hear her cry, but I have a better time preparing myself for the screamfest. Sometimes now singing to her or giving her food (which iI know you're not supposed to do in the car) will help for a few minutes, but not long. I really hope Alex outgrows it for you. It's just no fun.

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Oh my goodness. DS#2 was the same way, and it appears Evie is following suite.

She is fine if she can see me, but sadly... that means I can't drive. :confused: And that means trips out with just me and big brother is ear wrenching. She's fine if I'm carrying the car seat with her in it.. sometimes she's okay with me rocking it, but in the car, not so much. I have a mirror thing that hangs on the back of the seat so the baby can see it and that seemed to help DS#2 a bit. Not a full fix, but it worked some of the time. It lights up and plays music and came with a mommy remote.

I hope that we all find peace with our screaming littles in the car.

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Janelle, Alex is fine if I'm carrying it, or rocking it in a resturant, or he can see me, too-- I think it's a seperation thing (already???). DS#1 had MAJOR seperation anxiety until around 18 months, DD has always been an independant little thing. What is it with my boys??

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DD was the same way and now DS has started screaming in the car. Ugh. With DD it lasted until we moved her to the convertible (still rear facing) seat at 9 months. I think we might just buy the convertible seat for Mac sooner rather than later. They can see out the sides better and can be better distracted.

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Poetrie was the same way and sometimes she still screams(especially with DH). She's fine if she can see me(so I ride in the back seat with her when DH is driving) or if, when I am a red light, I reach back touch her hand and say "Mommy's right here." I found that putting a toy that made music helps a little too.

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My middle two were the same way and it was terrible! They both had allergies/tummy troubles, so now I wonder if it was from the buckle pushing on their tummies? My Alex doesn't seem to have the tummy problems/colic that they had, and he goes right to sleep in the car.
Have you tried different car seats? Maybe try one of the bigger convertible seats. They have more padding and just seem more comfortable. That helped a ton when we switched DD2.

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Thats a new one for me
Candace and all boys have loved the car seat
i have always had to check on them cause they are so quiet riding in the van
Sorry I hope you figure something out or someone have some good advice for you
i cant imagine... I have to get out every other day ... I'm on the run alot.

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Isaiah isn't horrible in his car seat but he's not exactly content when he's in the car seat and not moving either (like if I put him in his car seat when we are getting ready to go and then set it down to get the older kids shoes on or something). I've found that a nuk helps him a little, other than that I've really had to time things out to where I'm not putting him in his car seat until I'm about to walk out the door and keeping a nuk handy (he did scream the entire car ride home the other night but I found out when we got home that he had spit up Sad which he rarely does)

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I am so sorry I cannot imagine. I put Lily in her seat the other day & she screamed until the moment we started moving & I truly thought that I could not drive like that & if she did not stop we would turn around & go home.

Please, if you find relief share the info with us.

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I hope you guys can figure something out for the poor guy.

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Ive got this same issue....if she is asleep when I put her in the seat, and deep enough that she stays asleep while I get her to the car, its fine. If shes awake...bring your ear plugs. She screamed for 35 min straight on the way home from the store the other day. I felt awful but even pulling over and swinging the seat was no relief (almost seemed to p!ss her off more!).