Baby moving more?

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Baby moving more?

I know I should know this since it's my third but I can't remember, lol. DD wasn't a big mover and she was my last pregnancy. This past week, Alex has been moving it seems none-stop. Is he really moving this much or is he running outta room so I'm feeling every little movement? I swear it feels like he is occupying the entire space in my uterus, lol, I feel movement in every corner at the same time.

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LOL! my first was so still that if my belly wasn't expanding i wouldn't have known i was pregnant. DS2 was mondo active. i found that right now its more rotating and flipping and later when they really do run out of room its more like stretching and that kind of thing as opposed to big movements.
Surprise #3 is trending more like DS2.

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This LO has been doing this for a few weeks. I just attribute it to the fact that they are getting so strong, it's easy to feel every little movement. She gets hiccups a few times a day now.

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Last night when I was in bed I would've sworn that my LO was a gymnast. She did some sort of flip that made it feel as if my entire uterus was rotating and caused me to say "ouch". She is definitely more active that my DD was. As the pp said If it wasn't for my growing belly, I would not have know that I was pregnant.

I wonder if all of this movement is an indication of how they will be outside of the womb? Hmmm....

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if my sons are any indication its the opposite. still in the womb active as all get out on the outside, super active inside calm outside.
so far this one is active so i'm praying for another calm demenur baby!

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I think it could be that he is more active, but remember he has LOTS of room in there still. Give it another month or 2 when hes out of room and it'll be back the ribcage jabs you remember. LOL Wink

This LO is active, but really LOW. Same with DS1. my placenta was at the back at my 20wk u/s, and im wondering if its moved/grown so that its near the top, which might explain why I feel him so low.

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I just posted to your Facebook page about baby Cameron moving so much! Last night he was moving ALL night! DS1 was more of a thumper like only once or twice a day. But this one it's all the time I feel him move. I too am carrying this baby low so maybe that's why we feel them more??

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This baby has been very active too, constantly changing positions. its not to the painful point yet just a bit uncomfortable at times. I was reading somewhere that now they move a lot more, cause they are still small enough too, but then as they grow they won't have as much room to move so they will be pretty settled in one spot and just kick and punch mostly. That makes sense, I remember that with dd, she was sideways facing my right side. She hated when I slept on my right side, she got quite violent, lol!