Baby Shower and update

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Baby Shower and update

so my baby shower was 2 days ago, sorry its taking me so long to post this. i've been under the weather, so i will upload the pictures later.

About 30 invitations went out, i expected about 20 ppl. after a few cancellations due to sick babies, we ended up with about 16 or 17, including the girls who threw the shower. Everyone had a really good time. The one girl who threw the shower made me a diaper cake, my friend from Florida who threw the shower order me a special banner with Kendra's name on it. she had everyone sign it and leave a message for baby Kendra. i need to get it framed so i can hang it in the nursery. it made me cry lol, my other friend who threw the shower made the cake (and THAT is a hysterical story, one i will tell when i upload the pics. its funnier with the pictures).

I ended up a ton of clothing and LOTS of shower towels and washclothes, 2 soft blankets, a mobile, a pack nplay, a basket full of shampoo, lotion, desitin, wipes and a pack of diapers . $25 gift card to walmart and a $100 gift card to babies r us. i was surprised as i really didnt get any diapers LOL, which is usually the main thing. my bestie got me a box of diapers yesterday though while grocery shopping LOL. i am LOADED with NB clothing and onsies and all sizes up until about 6-9 months pretty much. so yesterdy i found some 12M dresses for a decent price so i got a few of them and a few receiving blankets. i was bummed at first cause alot of ppl didnt show up and the girls put so much work into tht it broke my heart to have such low numbers, but the ones who were there were fun and crazy so it made up for it. since theni had a few contact me apologizing which was nice. so now its over and im relieved, now we can enter the next phase of this pregnancy, the FUN part...SHOPPING!! YAY! My mom is probably gonna get us teh glider tht we want, and janice (the one who made the cake) is gonna give me her crib mattress, a bunch of sheets, her monitors and anything else she has that will help us, which is AWESOME! she wont even let me pay ofr any of it! So in the end, i now need a diaper bag, a changing pad, a playard, a boppy, a stroller and a bunch of little stuff taht im probably not thinking about yet.

DD's room is almost done!!! nwo that the shower is over DH is bustng his tail getting it finished. we decided to gut the nursery and drywall it, which i am SO happy about as i hate the paneling. so its yet another project, but luckily that one isnt as big or pricey. Brianna is gone for 2 weeks with my friend, but whn she gets home her room will be done! i miss her already Sad

So i called off of work today as i felt like sh*t, sore throat, headache etc, come to find out i have allergies :rolleyes: sleeping with my mouth open made my throat hurt, blowig my nose a zillion times gave me a headache LOL i never had allergies before and let me just say they suck! so now i feel ok cept for the blocked up nose. so im making it a girls days with my other bestie (i have 3 LOL) and we are going to put those gift cards to good use. she lives in FL so this is a RARE occasion! sometimes it good to be sick Biggrin

well sorry so long, thanks for reading if you got to this part. i will upload pics wehn i have the time and patience LOL

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Sounds like a nice shower! I am glad you had fun, enjoyed yourself, and got lots of nice stuff.

I hope you have fun shopping Smile

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You got a lot of stuff! How great! I hope the allergies pass soon...I heard that this is a terrible year for allergies and people who don't generally suffer from them are a lot more likely to!

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wow! sounds like a great shower! Smile

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Sounds like a great shower!! So nice of your friend to give you all that stuff!! Smile

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How exciting!! Sounds like you were able to still enjoy it besides you feeling yucky.

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Can't wait to see pictures! Your friends were generous. HOw fun for DD to come home to a finished room! Have fun shopping! Smile

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I can't wait for pictures either. Glad you had fun and go some great gifts.