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back to work

I was planning to take the whole month of August off, then either go back part time or take Calvin in the mornings with me and leave him with dh in the afternoons. But I've been feeling a bit down lately and dh and I both thought it would be good for me to get out of the house for a bit on my own. So I went into work for 3 hours this afternoon. It was good. I did my best not to think about baby, which is impossible, cause its just makes the bbs hurt, but I failed. Oh well, that will get easier. I think I might continue to do that in the afternoons, work 2 or 3 hours depending on how I feel. My office is awesome, they are supportive either way. Whats weird is that I think it was harder going back to work after 12 weeks off with dd than it was today, guess btdt makes a difference.

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I'm sorry that it was so hard but I am glad that you have so much support.

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I understand wanting to get back. I get ansy myself and was more then ready after four months home w dd before. This time I have 9wks but I'm sure ill be ready. For me, working and teaching helps me feel like I'm making a difference. Glad u had a good day back!!

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I can relate. I've been back for 2wks now. Fulltime though. I used all of my paid leave earlier. My boss is so understanding and if I have to leave I can.