bad night sleep

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bad night sleep

(this may be long sry I hope you all don't mind)

okay so yesterday didn't go as me and Dh planned, it started out great with us going to the farmers market. but went down hill from there.

I did a lot of walking as we finally had a break from the heat, it has been absolutely gorgeous out the past 3 days.

We also so how among the family drama did get time to be intimate, and um yeah why doesn't anyone tell you that 40 week prego sex is completely awkward and weird, it has been at least 3 weeks or more since we last dtd. what a challenge that was, not to mention how virgin like things seemed. ouch.... way to tight.

So then for an afternoon walk with my mom, which by the way was good, i did get a little crampy at that point, she kept asking me all day "are you in labor? are you having contractions and not telling me?"

Well hell mom I don't know i have never had a baby before, i think i will let you know when i am hurting.

Okay so we get back and just relax out on the porch, i am feeling fine. I have a nice lemony iced tea, and we continue to bs.

Oh might I mention it has felt like baby has been moving continuously all the time since Friday, well at least way more than in the past week or 2.

Then we muddle through another family dinner out, I am so sick of cooking.
I had some cramping in the car on the way to dinner, and a few pains during dinner, then we got home and decided to take a nap.

Dh and i take an hour nap, we get up and it is about 10 pm, so we end up watching a movie on tv.
Now lI always feel uncomfortable getting out of bed, and right after i have been laying down, but it seems to be getting worse, and did all night long.

During the movie I may have felt so contrations/BH it was like 5 or 6, nothing really too bad.

Then when we finally went to bed at 230 am, I had maybe 5 in an hour before i fell asleep the first time and it was painful from my back to front.

I have been up every hour, and it has been really hard to get in and out of bed, to the bathroom.

Now that I am up i feel better but haven't had any pains. I was really hoping this is it.
the past 3 days I have been feeling great and haven't need a nap with the exception of yesterday.

okay so if you made it through my crazy Saturday, PLease tell me this baby is coming soon.
Was all those pains just BH? or do you think i am gearing up for the real deal?

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DTD has been so uncomfy and awkward for us for about 2 months now, maybe more. Im craving the affection of DTD, not the act itself, KWIM? unfortunately, DH doenst understand the affection side lately, even i've tried to explan it to him.

my DH keeps asking me when i have BHs if im in labor, and i say the same thing, that i have no idea ive never done this before. :rolleyes:

i hate night time lately too! it hurts like h*ll to get out of bed!

i am pretty sure we are all in the same boat.

The good news is the only thing that will you feel better is having your baby Biggrin

Dont apologize for venting, we are here for you!

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I totally agree with the "too tight" comment but I so want to if for no other reason than it can help start labor Smile but just the thought of it makes me want to cringe. DH has been wonderful about it but I am so ready to be done that (again) I want to do it to help her come out!!!

Getting out of bed is a painful joke...or at least it would be if I did not have to do it every 1-2 hours to pee. I literally have to hold the counter to bend over and lift the toilet lid which I have to keep closed b/c of the pets.

I have also had the constant moving of baby and lots of what I assume are BH b/c they are not at all regular. Are we done yet?

God luck for a good day!

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DTD? What's that? Lol! Yeah it got so uncomfortable we stopped a while ago Sad and now it'll be another 4-6weeks .... Lol.

It'll be over soon ladies! I know the wait can be a killer! You'll have babies soon, but in the meantime rant away!

After birth this time, I felt better than I had for at least a week before his birth!

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yea no lovins' here in like 2 months! I was put on pelvic rest and while now it wouldn't matter to do it....well, it ain't happening! DH keeps saying 'uhhh that's ok' haha and I don't know that I could tolerate it anyways. Too much pressure and pain going on down there!

I'm having a ton of contractions and cramping with low back pain too. Honestly I keep telling myself that if I make it through the night without serious pain then it's just my body prepping. The pain/cramping/contractions are waaaay worse at night...I'm assuming part bc I'm paying attention more and part bc of the long days doing stuff. I notice it during the day too, just seems worse at night.

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Me too! Feels tight down there lately but I want it more than ever...primarily to help labour along! DH is a little sore 'round his nuts from chafing in the heat so he's needed time to heal lol

I went for a long-ish walk today, well longer than I've walked recently and was crampy throughout the walk...felt more to walk around in my pelvic area than normal so definitely feels she's way down...

Let's see due date buddy, hoping they join us this week...and put an end to the non-stop peeing, breaking bones to get out of bed...and in my case, super itchy belly!

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I have the same problems distinguishing BHs, back pain from the real deal. Everytime I have a BH, DH asks if it's low pain or high pain, if it's real or not. Finally I was so sleep deprived and pissed, I yelled how many times have I given birth?!

It's so hard to get in and out of bed - don't to mention to find a comfy position to sleep in.

DTD - yeah...awkward as he'll. Luckily my DH is onto it and tries to make me feel attrative and sexy - but there's nothing sexy about being so big, not being able to move and just feeling icky.

Do worries Chris, we're here for you!!!

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Thanks it just seems like night time is my hardest, because i am the most awake, when I when i want to be the most asleep.

it hurts, im grumpy all the time, and i really don't want to be mean to anyone, it's getting old.

I swear I almost wet the be last night, and no it wasn't my water breaking:confused:

i had a nightmare that baby came out with a giant head and a baby body, kinda like a bobble head.

then i had a dream about my Buddy, and it made me cry for like an hour, Dh tried to comfort me, i had a juice but it gave me really bad heartburn.

so glad i have you all to understand what a challenge the end of pregnancy can be.

Bring on the phone calls, text messages, and overly excited friends and family, i have already heard plenty of ways to jump start labor.