Becca/WonderWoman- UPDATES

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Becca/WonderWoman- UPDATES

I just got a text from Becca at 7:30 this morning. Alex is here! Don't know anything else. Will update as soon as I get an update!

Congratulations Becca!!!! Can't wait to hear your story and see pics of the little guy.

Got an update from Becca.

9.6lbs and 22" long!!

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Very exciting. WTTW, Alex!

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So glad he is finally here! WTTW, Alex! I hope you got the birth you wanted, Becca! Congratulations!!!!

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Yay Becca!!!! Can't wait to hear the details.

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Congratulations, Becca! I hope everything went just as you wanted!

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that is great news. that wasn't long at all. she posted at what 5:30 that her water broke and 2 hours later Veronica posts that Alex is here. WOW!!!

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bumblebee, i was think the exact same thing!!

Congratulations Becca!!!!!!!!

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Congrats Becca
Saw Pictures on FB He is a big Boy and Cute

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Oh Congrats!!! that was fast. Biggrin

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Two hours??!! Wow I thought my 12 was good. LOL Wink

Congrats Becca!!! Welcome Alex!!

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holy cow girl!!! Congrats! That was fast once it got going!

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YAY BECCA!! Congrats lady! I can't wait to hear his story Smile

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That's wonderful! So glad it was a quick labor. And he was a big guy like they thought! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear how it went.

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