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bed transition

How did you transition your kids from crib to bed? I'm going to reuse our crib for baby #2 so we are trying to switch DD to her bed. How did you keep your kids from getting out of the bed? I really don't mind if she gets up and plays for a little while (she plays in her crib now for up to an hour prior to falling asleep for her nap). She's 22 months so I'm sure this will be an interesting change! Just wondering if anyone had any suggestions to help ease the transition.


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I don't have any advice, but I'm wondering the same thing! DS is 20months, and will be changing to a big boy bed when we move ... or thats the plan right now... lol... any advice would be appreciated!!! Smile

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We just did it. DS went from crib to a toddler bed (the crib converted to a toddler bed) and about 2 months ago we got a "big boy bed" which was a twin size. We bought special bedding for hid big boy bed.
It wasn't too difficult for us. We have a dog and she has helped a lot with it. She sleeps in there with him but we didn't do any big preparations for the move.

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We got dd a race car bed (yay for craigslist!) and she was so excited about it that we really didn't have any problems. However, we did leave her crib up for a bit, dh would tell her if she didn't stay in her bed she would be put back in her crib, guess that worked too. There were some times that she wouldn't stay in it, when she would fight napping and we would put a baby gate in her doorway so she had to stay in her room at least, she would throw a tantrum for a bit but always crawled into bed and fell asleep.
So basically make a big deal out of the the big kid bed, let her pick out new bedding and the bed itself if possible.

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I have debating when to do this with DD as well. She is 21 months. Let me know how it goes and anything you learned from it.

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DS1 decided about 21 months that he'd had enough of the crib. we'd spent an entire night trying to get him to stay. so we eventually about 4am took the mattress out of the crib and put it on the floor. he stayed immediately and slept.
So we left it on the floor for about 2 weeks and then bought a twin matress set. he slept on that for about 3 months and then we put him in the twin frame.
he'd get up occasionally but after an hour or so he'd stay put. and as the days progressed he stayed better and better.

We're going to move DS2 out of the crib for his 2nd birthday present (july 8). figure we'll make a big deal out of new sheets and bedding and all that big boy stuff. and then the crib will just be gone for awhile and then reappear in the guest room for the baby. figure we'll do the same thing with him. matress set on teh floor, probably till Christmas and then put it up in teh frame. but that gives us 2 months before baby comes to get him situated.

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Well it's still early on but I think it's a successful transition! The first 2 days I just used the bed for naps - 1st day she banged on the door for 20 minutes (no crying) and then I put her in her crib - 2nd day she played quietly for 45 minutes and then told me she pooped so that was the end of naptime for the day! Day 3 she fell asleep on the floor right by the door and then we went out of town for the weekend. Last night she wanted to sleep in her bed so I figured I'd see what happened. She fell asleep and stayed asleep all night in her bed! For her nap today she played for about 15 minutes and then climbed into the bed to sleep and did the same at bedtime tonight! I was going to leave the crib in her room for a few weeks but she wants nothing to do with it so it will probably be moved this weekend.

I think I'm having the harder time adjusting! My baby is growing too fast Sad

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I don't have much advice. DS coslept and we are just now transitioning him to his bed at almost 5 years old and he is doing great (b/c of the age, I think). DD went into her toddler bed prolly about 9 months ago and we just had to do it. She did great the first few weeks and then she'd get up and play until like 10 and we kept having to go in there and fuss. Well, we got her back on a decent bedtime and then when we took her paci. away, she started again and is now waking up two and three times a night. her room is right next to the baby's room so i'm really hoping she outgrows this soon.

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I have no advice, but i hope it all works out for you!! This is my first, so i havent had to deal with that yet...