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Belly Pic's

Okay so I thought I would share my pic's from today, I hope to see some more of all you lovely lades baby bellies.

And my Naked belly, notice the red mark, i guess i didn't realize how much my belly sticks out I was making Dh a grilled cheese sandwich yesterday and bumped my belly into the pan, i felt it instantly, but i wasn't fast enough to prevent bubbling.

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here's our pic from Sun evening. ouchie on the burn Sad


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major ouchie on teh burn.
i have to be careful now too, my belly turned the knob on the gas stove just enough to leak gas...oops. i didn't even know it till my hubby came in and was like why's the gas on. dang it.

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Ouch that looks like it hurts! im good at closing the refrigerator door on my belly LOL

Here is me, 31 weeks today, taken from my bathroom at work

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You ladies look great!

I seem to misjudge my belly size all the time. I am constantly bumping it into something.

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oh all you ladies look so good. I wish i was just a little bit more round. Glad Im not the only one bumping into things with my baby.

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Looking good ladies! Ouch, Chris! When I was preggo with DD, we had quite a bit of electric fencing for our horses. I would duck between the strands sometimes instead of walking around to the gates. As I got bigger, I shocked myself a few times on the belly before I realized I was too big to go between the strands, LOL.