Ben's Birth

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Ben's Birth

On Monday I went to work as planned and got home around 5:30. My MIL had come to stay the rest of the week with my DS while I was recuperating in the hospital, and she got there before me so I didn’t have to make dinner! NICE. I was feeling just the same as I had all day only I wasn’t hungry witch was ok because I was supposed to fast from midnight on. I got a call around 8pm stating that Dr. Beal moved my c-section back from 9:30 till 10 for whatever reason and we didn’t have to be at the hospital till 8… not a problem for me, I was scared of the surgery and possible repeat of my first c-section experience! We put DS to bed around 9 and DH and I went to bed around 10. I was packed and ready to go for the next morning. I woke up at 1:07 (YES it was that time I looked at the clock, we have an old person big digital clock) feeling a weird kicking/pinch sensation in the nether regions, and it was weird because Ben never had really woken me up with his movements like my son Will did. It was also weird because I hadn’t felt anything like it before. I just laid there and then decided I should get up and go to the bathroom while I was up. As soon as I lifted my leg to ROLL/SQUIRM off the bed. I felt warm liquid and I immediately thought I was peeing my pants! So I put my leg back down and it stopped, then I thought of my water breaking or “fore bag”. I lifted my leg again and again with the warm liquid.. I panicked and pushed DH till he woke up and told him I was peeing or my water was leaking. I didn’t want to move so DH got me the phone and I called my mom… she said to call the hospital/doctor.. DUHH… why is it I call my mom for everything?! Biggrin We called the doctor (the one I liked (Dr. Salus) called us back!) She said I had time for a shower and to head to the hospital (45min away from us). When I did finally get up I did have the big gush of water down my legs, but DH put a towel on the carpet but it was still kind of surreal as I wasn’t expecting it, I was in planned c-section mode. So I took my time fixing my hair and watching Robin Hood Men in Tights while DH showered. I wasn’t contracting and I was excited that Ben kind of gave his blessing so to speak on the day. We drove to the hospital and entered in the Emergency entrance around 3:30 with contractions that had started in the car ride. The nurse in OB was expecting us. We went to L&D while they checked me and did the amnio test. My mom got there and the nurse called my doctor to see what the plan was. Because my water had broken and contractions were around 5-6 min apart at that time with me being about 2cm dilated they moved the c-section up to 5:30am and that meant the surgery was performed by Dr. Salus!! Yippee! It went fast from there on. I was supposed to get a spinal, but for some reason the Dr. couldn’t pull spinal fluid or something like that so they gave me an epi, and it WORKED HALEYLUYA! I felt NOTHING! I can’t tell you how much better it was this time around! Faster and easier! Ben came out around 6:18am @ 8lb 8oz & 20 inches ( I KNEW IT I KNEW IT I KNEW IT!) a lot smaller then Will! OH how happy I was he had a little cry almost as soon as they said he was out and he had a 9/9 apgar, and I got a few minutes to absorb him face to face before he was taken to get cleaned up. Last time they flashed Will and took him away. Ben’s first bath was given by my mother at my request (she’s given all her grandchildren their first bath). After they finished putting me back together it was about another hour before Ben was with me again at 7:30am. It was great! I was up that day walking and even helped lift myself on the bed. My recovery was so good that the nurses kept saying I was doing better then most of their Vag deliveries! I was ok to go home according to my doctor after two days but I stayed because Ben was slightly jaundiced and I didn’t want to leave only to come back if his Bili levels got to high. The extra night was alright but we were ready to be home! Ben has been great since then! He’s a big eater and at first we had problems with his latch, but we are going to the Baby Bistro classes at the hospital for breastfeeding support and he’s doing much better eating. This time around was 100% better experience and I’m soo glad that even though he wasn’t 40 weeks he let me know he was ready to come. Blum 3
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What a great story!!! I'm so glad Ben gave his blessing!! Wink Hes adorable, great pics!! Smile Congrats again!!!

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so great to get to read you story, Ben looks adorable. Just makes me want all our babies to hurry up and come. Biggrin

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I think it's so awesome that he got to choose his birthday. Smile Welcome to the world, Ben!

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Jessica, that is just totally awesome and i'm so so so happy that it was teh experience that you wanted.

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What a great story! And I love that "Ben gave his blessing." Smile

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So glad it was such a good experience for you! Ben is very handsome. Congratulations!

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Congratulations! Ben is so precious! I'm glad you guys are doing well! Biggrin

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Awww, how great! I'm so glad this time was so much easier!

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Congratulations!! He's precious. Hope you're healing well.

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You have given me serious hope for a good experience 2nd time around Smile

How's big bro doing these days with Ben?

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Congrats! That's awesome the way everything worked out for you! Cute pics - love the owl on the hat!

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Beautiful birth story! Congrats on your baby boy!!