BFing support thread?

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BFing support thread?

Is there any interest in a BFing support thread?

Basically one big thread where we can all ask questions and BTDT moms can give advice or experience, and to emotionally support everyone as they BF.

For those formula feeding and/or supplementing, we can also do a Formula support thread to help with formula issues, bottle issues, and any emotions arising from FFing etc.

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ME! I'll take all the BF support I can get! It seems to be going great now, but I worry about weight gain and all that other stuff. Smile Support please?

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I think this is a great idea!!!

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Totally a good idea!

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Absolutely! I need some support for sure! We've already had to go in for an outpatient consult because of her latch.

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ok!!! Its here!!!

I created a new sticky thread at the top of the board so its easily visible while everyone is having babies and figuring out their BFing questions and issues. Smile