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I think I had some BH contractions today. I'm not entirely sure as I never had them with DS but we did a LOT today, was on m feet walking for several hours and on the way home Like every 5 minutes I had these pains in my lower right side. Not real bad but I'm pretty sure they were BH.

Because I'm plus size, will that mean I'll feel BH less?

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I don't know if you will feel them less or not.

Like you I didn't have them with DD. I have them occasionally this time I think when I don't get enough water and I am walking/moving a lot.

I think it is very possible you are getting them now.

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They have gotten stronger with each baby I've had. I've always had them start around 20 weeks. They feel like a painless tightening of my uterus. Sometimes, it gets so tight it gets uncomfortable but it never hurts.

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You'll probably feel them quite a bit just because it's your second pregnancy. From what I've read, most people feel them more with each pregnancy. Not fun. With DD, I started having them regularly in the evenings (after walking 1 1/2 miles) at around 32 weeks. I just knew it was my body telling me to drink more water and rest after my long walk. They weren't really painful until the end- mainly just tightening.
You may find that you get them very regularly this time around, but hopefully you are one of the fortunate ones who doesn't have them a whole lot.

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I didn't remember ever getting them with dd. My dr told me you get them more with the 2nd baby. I finally read somewhere what they were exactly and it turns out I did have them with dd, just didn't realize it. I have however gotten them a lot more this time than before.

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Ive had them alot over the past few days myself! But i have also been very active, which they say can cause that. Or being dehydrated can do it too believe it or not. No pain with mine...just tightening(feels like after DTD). it only last for about 30 ish seconds and then goes away. Im hoping for a few days of relaxation after work so they will stop...