Birth classes?

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Birth classes?

Okay so I was planning on taking a Birth class but I guess I didn't realize how expensive they are. one I inquired about is $275.:( My mom said thats practically rape and all her classes were free but that was 26 years ago. is she right? I don't know what to do.

Do i really need to take the 10 week course?
The hospital has a free one but it is only one 3 hour class and i was still planning on taking it.
As this is our first baby I thought Dh and I would really benefit from the Bradley method class. Since we are planing a natural birth. The L&D coordinator recommend it to us.
I know if we are going to take a lengthy class I need to sign up soon.

Who is taking some kind of class? I guess I would just like to know what everyone else is doing?
Thoughts? comments?

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I looked into classes when I was pregnant with DD, and yeah, they were crazy expensive. In the end, I decided I didn't want to bother. But I'm one of those "freaks" who fully believes that my body knows what it's doing and I'd just know what to do when the time came, and I did. But I know now everyone is comfortable with that, and that's okay. Wink I would maybe just check out some books at the library and maybe see what kind of youtube videos you can find? Sorry, Im not a lot of help.

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Thats crazy! We went to a class the first time around I think it was one evening or a saturday I don't remember, it was free through the hospital. It was plenty of time to get all the info we needed. I wouldn't want to go to to a 10 week course especially for that much money.
They have a big brother/sister class that costs $10 that I am going to take dd to. I think that will be good for her and to see the hospital since shes never been there and I will be stuck there for several days.

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Think we get free classes here but from 28 weeks...another 5 weeks to go!

I'm dying to go to one though, actually DH is. He keeps reminding me and I remind him back they'll cost plenty other than the freebies...

Getting a lot of info through books though - get "The Official Lamaze Guide", like you, I wanna ease her out the way my body is meant to and I couldn't put this book down.

I need to read through it again, to make notes and I know I'll have a solid and informed birth plan in the end. But I'm being lazy. The book cost $12.00 - money well spent!

Good luck!

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We took a Bradley class through our hospital last time around. I think it was $100 for two Saturdays. It was great and I felt like I learned a lot, especially about different positions to relieve pressure and to encourage the baby to come down. They had us practice the positions and that helped us remember them during labor. I think a 10 week commitment is a bit much though, have you checked to see if there are private classes in your area? You might be able to find a condensed Bradley class.

This time around we're taking a refresher Bradley class that's free through our birthing center.

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When we were going to do the Bradley Method with DS, that was about the range we were looking at and the time frame. We ended up not doing it since I was placed on bedrest with ds before the classes started. I know many people who have taken the class we were going to do and really benefited a lot from it.

Once I was release from bedrest we just did the class the hospital offered. I didn't find it educating at all. Everything they went over is stuff I had already learned from books and jsut from learning on my own. It was mainly geared towards woman who will have an epidural and the hospital procedures etc.

I agree with pp, get books and read. There is a book for the Bradley Method. Just go to Barnes and Nobles or a book store and take your time to read and see what you like.

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We took the "hospital" course - it was $100 for 4 classes for the 2 of us. It was taught by a MW who went over all the different positions and strategies for relaxation and the last day was a talk on epidurals and Csec and it included a hospital tour... it was definitely intended for those who wanted to go natural, and then they also covered the "medical" things if you went that way. We found it informative - nothing I hadnt read in a book (i do my research too as pp have said) but it was nice to get a verbal explanation and ask questions.

One BIG thing I recommend, regardless of what class you take - get phone #s or emails of the moms in the group. Especially if its a local class /local hospital. We had a group of 7 moms and we ended up all staying in touch through email and FB and have gotten together a bunch of times with all the kids. Its so nice to have moms to talk to in person who have kids the same age. (ours were all born within 3 months of each other). You don't necessarily have to be "best friends" but its a great extra resource to have other moms to visit in person who are dealing with the same things as you. FOr example: Once they all hit 6 months we did a baby food exchange where we all made different baby foods and then exchanged. For a few hours work in the kitchen I ended up with 12 freezer bags of various kinds of icecube puree baby food. it was WONDERFUL!

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Thanks for all the advice, I will for sure be taking the free class. I have been reading on pg and labor for a while now. I go to the library here all the time. I have several books that I bought even before we conceived. I also got Dh two dad books.
I just don't see me shelling out that much for a class, we are on a limited budget as it is.

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We did the 3 hour class at our hospital, and it was good information. I'm glad we went, because I felt more prepared about the stages of labor and breathing techniques and such. I don't think it was free, but it wasn't $275! We also did a breastfeeding class, and while it was helpful to learn some of the holds and stuff, there is nothing that prepares you better than just getting in there and learning as you go with your own kid (and perhaps a lactation consultant handy!).

I can't speak for the 10 week class, since we didn't do that one.

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"squirrel27" wrote:

One BIG thing I recommend, regardless of what class you take - get phone #s or emails of the moms in the group. Especially if its a local class /local hospital.

Great idea!

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I started the Bradley classes 5 weeks ago. We started so soon b/c of our home location and our work schedules. This is our first baby so I can only go by what we have seen and experienced.

We paid $300 and it is 3 hours a week for 12 weeks. Each week we focus on a different exercise that will assist with strengthening the muscles used in labor and helping us through labor. We also focus on a different part of diet each week and why it is important and a different relaxation technique. Each week we watch a different movie as well, some are birth videos and some are lecture type but each is very interesting. There is a workbook that comes with the class and it has a ton of very interesting and what I believe will be important information. The book gives you advise on what to discus with your Dr. and hospital and points out what is normal so that you do not freak out over things that the Dr.s and nurses can and do tell people when they are in labor. They also ask that you get the book "Husband Coached Childbirth" as it goes with the class. Dominic has read the book and learned a lot but I have not yet so I cannot comment on it.

My husband and I feel that this class will be imperative for us. I am not a good relaxer and it gives us new things to try to get me to relax: physically, mentally and emotionally. It shows us every week that this can be done without medicinal intervention and does not have to be horrible and that I can do it and was made for it. If nothing else, it is building confidence.

Most everything is common sense but there is tons that I never would have known otherwise and it builds confidence in the process of giving birth naturally.

There are also parts that annoy seems that every week they are trying to convince us of why we are there and why we should buy into their method...they do not need to sell us, we are already there. Smile

My sister is also doing the class and is due 10 weeks before I am (with their first also) and she and her husband also think it is a great class.

I know it is expensive but this is the only child we plan on having and we want to do it naturally and I do not know a single person that has so I wanted the most info possible when going into labor so that I know what is normal and can feel confidence in myself and make the right decisions as challenges are presented. I think this class was a good choice for us.

Good luck with your is the first of many hard ones that we will have to face. Smile