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birthing class

So DH and I went to our birthing class this weekend. I have to tell you our hospital is pretty progressive and modern when it comes to the birthing process. The awesome things was they taught us exercise techniques that would help now and when we start having contractions.

I missed most of today, which I really want to go to and pay close attention to because it was about epidurals and c-sections. I want to know what they say about them, etc. But I got dehydrated and overheated. I started out light-head and went from dizzy to dry heaving. Now I think I pulled a muscle in my right side, which is killing me.

Anyway, I was going to say if there are any first time moms that would like some of the handouts I got, I will be more than happy to try and pdf them and email them to you. Just let me know.

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Aw I'm sorry you missed today!

When we did the classes when I was pg with DS, it was definitely informative to hear about Csec and epidurals... I didnt have the C, but I did end up with the epi and was glad to have heard about the procedure before actually needing it. Maybe you can call the hospital to see if there are any other handouts or pamphlets on it? Or maybe you got them already??

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im sorry you got sick and missed some of the class. Sad however, if you feel like sending me that pamphlet i would love to look it/them over. we arent doing the classes, which i am starting to regret.

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That stinks! I'm sorry you missed a good portion of it. How are you feeling now?

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The side pain went away around 10 last night. I feel tons better, thanks for asking. I was really happy when the doctor on call from the practice we used called back at 8. It really confirmed my comfort level with the practice.

What I really like is the exercises, work on a medicine ball and other comfort techniques during labor they use. They really preached about not having an epidural and really want woman to go as natural as they can. You would think they being a hospital it wouldn't matter, but they are all about immediate breastfeeding and skin-on-skin.

Laura - more than happy too Smile

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