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How do you all feel about letting our LO?s have blankets in their cribs over night? Ben will be 9 months a week from today. I found out recently that my sister (who watches Ben during the day) puts a blanket on him while he naps. She didn?t want him cold as her house is a little on the chili side. She feels that he?s fine with it and I shouldn?t worry. (Even though I provided her with a sleep sack for her house!) I KNOW it?s a SIDS issue, but till what point? Ben is put to bed with a sleep sack currently, but I?m about to retire it because he?s too long for it. Soon it will be summer and I will have my air conditioning on at a cool 68! He does flip over on his tummy once we put him down. He?s pretty mobile when he?s awake, sitting up by himself, pulling himself to standing in and out of his crib, and walking while holding on to furniture for a couple of months now. Should I be okay with him having a blanket instead of his sleep sack now? Paranoid momma? Thoughts on this? I am going to ask Ben?s pediatrician on the 30th but I figure he?ll just give me the PC answer of it?s a sids risk till 1. I want to know what the real mom?s think.

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I don't always do what is recommend and I am comfortable with that. The twins sleep with blankets and have for a while now.

My recommendation is to - Dont' do anything you are not comfortable with.

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I agree with Jennie. if your ok with it then go with it.
here's an idea for you. put him on his back and put a blanket over his face and see what he does. does he pull it off, turn his head or freak out. you'll know from that.
Eve loves her blanket. she grabs it and pulls it under her chin.

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I generally am cautious. I've known of a baby who sufficated in a blanket (although younger) so that doesn't help my opinion.
I have sleep slacks that will fit Natalie for quite a while. They make them pretty large.

That said, I don't think blankets in general are terrible. I would recomend checking the breathability of the blankets. Double it up and see if you can still breath air through it. Also, you could have her tuck it into one end of the bed. It helps prevent them from pulling the blanket up and around their head.

Why doesn't she like the sleepsack that you gave her to use?

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I agree do what you are comfortable with, I don't remember at what point I gave my other kids blankets but I know they all had one by the time they were one and they all had their 'grandma blanket' from birth (my grandma makes all the babies in our family a crochet blanket, so lots of holes) Isaiah actually sleeps with his over his face. I put socks and a onesie under his sleeper and so far have felt like that is plenty,

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i am glad you brought this point up, because i made the mistake of putting away all of Lilly's sleep sacks prematurely, and well on the really chilly nights I have put a blanket on her. But i figured it was ok because she always pulls our blanket on our bed down off of us when we cosleep, and she moves around really well now, so i guess what i am saying is im okay with it now.

I agree with others, that what ever you feel comfortable with, use your mothers instinct.

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Emily has been sleeping with a blanket for a few months now. She uses it to snuggle with and will only go to sleep with it. She sleeps on her tummy and the blanket is under her. Sometimes we put one over her too. It's not thick, its just one of those soft blankets from target (has an owl on it with like pink animal print). I feel like as long as they can move their heads well and roll over its fine to have it imo but go with your gut Smile

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Thanks Ladies for your thoughts! I think I'll try him with one seeing that my sister has been already. I guess his silky he got from grandma might be a little "thick" for our first run... it's a two sided satin blanket. I don't know why my sister didn't like the sleep sack I gave her.. although its difficult to get on him for all his wiggles.

Oh and Anne.. those Pink Owl stuff makes me want a girl.. SOO CUTE

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My DS has slept with a blanket for quite a while now. I felt comfortable with it as soon as he was able to push himself up to a sitting position (about 6 months for him). However, he generally rolls away from it anyway as he's a very wild sleeper. Our pedi said from waist down is her recommendation if you want to use a blanket.

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My DD didn't sleep with a blanket near her until she was 15 mos, but Lio has since day 1 (they both co-sleep). It's whatever you're comfortable with, I think.

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A friend's baby suffocated with a blanket at around 7months so I'm pretty cautious... no blankets in his crib... i check on him constantly still though and he sleeps with me at night.

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No blankets since I moved her to her own room. I have know people who lost babies to suffocation, so I am not comfortable with it.

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do with what you're c omfortable with. O has had a blanket since day one... i use the muslin blankets cuz they are breathable.