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Board Info.

Some Things We Can Start Looking Forward To AND I Need Some Input:

*This post will be temporarily stickied as I would like everybody to have the opportunity to read it.

Birth buddies:
Once about half of us start hitting the third trimester, you can have the option to have a birth buddy. This is another mom from this birth board that you can exchange contact information with (such as your cell phone number) to notify when you go into labor and you will do the same for her. exchange rules do require that you qualify by the time of the exchange of information:
Eligibility for participation in ANY type of exchange (i.e. birth buddy, baby shower, birthday/holiday, etc.) is set at a minimum of 3 months membership and a minimum of 300 posts. For newer boards (2 years or younger), 100 posts are to be on the board organizing the exchange.
ALL exchanges are to be organized by a mod/board host.

To find out how many posts you have made under the August 2011 board: click on “Search”, “Advanced Search”, type in your screen name, click “August 2011”, and “Search Now”.

Baby Gift Exchange:
We'll also have the opportunity to have a gift exchange. This is where you can get a buddy to exchange a baby gift with through the mail. I, or another host, will be starting a sign-up for this as well when the time comes along with a poll for what a good spending limit is-- add some suggestions to this thread for some price limits, please. Again, you must meet the above qualifications. Smile

To help “tidy up” our board a bit and keep our stickies to a minimum of five, I would like to combine the “EDD List” sticky with what we are going to name our little ones. It would look something like this (I'll use mine as an example):

August 2: Becca- WonderWomanExtrodinare- It's a boy... Alexander James!

We can also add our blinkies here for anybody who needs one. Smile
*I would ask that you go under the “EDD List” sticky and edit your post already there to add your baby's name to keep down on the confusion. Thanks! Smile (I can do this or another host, just let me know Jamie and Marilyn what you want to do.)

Also, I'm not sure so Jamie, you will have to let me know but can we unsticky the “Hot Sit” sign-up thread? I think we have almost wrapped this up, correct?

My last suggestion is that we rename the “Recipe” thread to the “General” thread (or another name, that one seems sorta lame, lol). Our recipes would still be under it but we'd also add helpful links (such as a link to a contraction counter:, a coupon exchange (where we can either exchange coupons by mail amongst ourselves or online promo codes via the thread), and anything else we find helpful (suggestions welcome via this thread) and that needs to be found quickly.

Please let me know what you think about all the above-- THANKS! Smile

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So for stickies, we would have:
1. August Spaces Thread
2. EDD, Baby's Name, and Arrivals Thread
3. and the "General" (or another name) Thread

That would leave two temp. threads we could use to sign up for birth buddies and the gift exchange.

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Yup - the hot seat list is all set. We finished up with everybody so it can certainly go away.

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I'm happy to help with one of the threads or the exchanges! Let me know Becca.
The 3 sticky threads are a good idea.

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I can edit the threads, I've already done one-- if each one of you wants to take on one of the exchanges, that would be great. Smile I already added them to the stickies just to help keep myself straight but you can go in and edit however you want and add the spending limit poll to the gift exchange. I'm not sure we can start the sign-up for these yet though... everybody is in their last trimester, right?