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book ideas

Since My shower is a whole week away, yikes! I have one more main thing I need to get. At dd's shower we had people sign a photo mat frame (which has yet to make it into a frame; note to any future shower hosts give a frame with that one). At her first birthday I bought a copy of "Oh the places you'll go" and had everyone sign and write little notes to her. Darn hormones, getting teary just thinking about that one, some reason it always makes me cry.
So I thought for baby's shower I would get a book to have everyone sign as well. But I need some ideas, I don't mind sitting at Barnes and Noble searching but don't have a lot of time. I thought "Guess how much I love you" but thats the only one I can think of to look into.
Any suggestions?

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Goodnight moon is always a fav right? There's also on the night you were born.

good idea by the way! Smile

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We love Goodnight Moon at our house too.

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I Love goodnight moon and on the day you were born too.

What about the robert munsch book I'll love you forever?