Breast feeding covers

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Breast feeding covers

Thought I would pass on a deal. I ordered onethe other day.


Happy Mother's Day From!

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These Nursing Covers make great gifts.
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I ordered one over a week ago and still haven't gotten it. Beee

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thanks girl! i just ordered mine. i looked at them a while back but wasnt willing to spend that kind of money. $9.95 i can handle Wink

Some of them are on back order from the looks of it..i ordered the black one.

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Thanks for the Info Kerri, I def. need to cover them up! I don't know how mom's can do it without a cover. Not that it offends me at all, I just wouldn't like gaukers.

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I hope they come in - lol. WonderWomanExtrodinare statement scard me. But if they don't I know a few pregnant woman who will be more than happy to write a screaming email at them.

Anything to help!!!!

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thanks! They only have one still in stock, but that is ok for me. Also, when I placed my order I got another offer for a "free" baby sling. the shipping on that one was $12, but still a great price so I got a sling too.

A great almost-a-mom present.

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OMGoodness!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I ordered the purple one. I'm having a boy but I guess it won't matter. It was the only one not on back order and I wanted to make sure I had mine in time.

Oh, and I got the same thing about the slings too! Checking it out right now!!

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thank you so much for sharing this!!!!!

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I ordered and received both the cover and the sling within about 2 weeks of ordering so I would not worry about it until at least after that amount of time. Smile

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mines on back order too, oh and i forgot to mention that i got a sling too! i wanted them both too, gotta love saving that much money Wink

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There were discussions about this site in the past, they are constantly running promos like this. I know people have gotten their items no problems, other never get anything and then theres stolen cc#s, I would just watch your account if you ordered one, just in case, as with any online sale site.

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Thanks for the info!!