to bring on labor I'm....

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to bring on labor I'm....

I thought I'd start a thread to see what everyone is doing to get these stubborn babies out Smile

I technically don't have a 'stubborn baby' yet...but with the sciatic pain and her positioning and the tons of appts. I'm enduring from her I think I reserve the right to call her stubborn!!

So far I inserted EPO capsule one night and took 2 orally (Wed night)
Last night I forced DH to DTD LMAO! (Thursday night)
Tonight I plan on DTD again
Tomorrow I have an appt scheduled for an hour of foot reflexology (told them I am trying to jumpstart labor and they said they know the buttons to push Smile ) and then an hr pedicure after the reflexology that also has a 30 min foot massage/reflexology time to it.
Besides that stuff we will prob DTD Sunday and Monday...but Tuesday is my scheduled c-sec so I prob wont push myself on that if I'm not really wanting it personally (:rolleyes: lol) because theres no point when it's the next day haha

If I wasn't scheduled for a c-sec and waiting for active labor I would consider something like castor oil or similar but when I only have 4 days to go I'm not punishing myself like that!

Whats everyone else doing?

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I'm probably one of the few that isn't really doing anything! I'm so ready to be done and my csect is scheduled for Friday. My parents aren't coming until Wed so I don't want to go into labor before that since it will be a struggle to find someone to watch DD and the person coming to cover for DH work isn't coming until Thursday. This baby flipped the end of last week from head down to breech and that actually relieved a lot of the pressure/pain that I was feeling so hopefully the next week will be tolerable!

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I will do whatever you folks say works!! Smile

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I'm not doing anything. Just mentally prepping myself that this baby will be late and I probably won't see him/her until Sept. But I'm okay with that, even though the heartburn and sleeping is atrocious. I just keep thinking that once s/he's here it's not just DD anymore...and that kind of freaks me out and wants to keep baby baking, lol.