Broken rib

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Broken rib

I keep forgetting to ask my dr if its possible, so I will ask you girls if you have had the same experience. 5 years ago I slipped on our front steps and broke one of my ribs, only bone I have ever broken. A year later when I was pregnant with dd I got the flu and then bronchitis, I swear from all the coughing it re-fractured it or something cause it was horribly painful. I haven't had any problems since then. But now getting further in this pregnancy I have noticed its hurting again, not like when it was broken but like a bruise around the area. Is that weird? Anyone else experience this?

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I'm pretty sure I've heard of it, never experienced it. Yikes though sounds painful! Sad

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I have not heard of this but I imagine it is possible.

Like for csec scars, even though the area is healed it has been known to hurt while pregnant. I imagine even though that area has healed it may get sore when pregnancy starts pushing on that area.

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I do know of a girl who had a rib fracture supposedly caused by her pregnancy. She was very small (4' 11") and had a long baby. That being said, I have had rib pain with all of my first and current pregnancy like you are describing. A very bruised, sharp feeling. It's from baby/uterus literally shoving up under them. Hope it will go away for you! It comes and goes during this pregnancy, but with DS, it was constant and it took several days after he was born for the pain to go away.

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I cracked a rib many years ago and still occasionally have pain in that area. I would think that it's probably normal but I would ask just to make sure.

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I broke a rib in high school & had serious issues with it during my first pregnancy. It probably hurt horribly for almost a month maybe around 28 weeks (especially if I was sitting a lot which I did for my job) and then faded to a tolerable level. This pregnancy, it hurt for like 2 days earlier on, then was fine until the last week, now it is back to hurting again when I sit. It depends on which rib as far as how much discomfort you'll have obviously because location is a big deal. Sorry you have to deal with it too, it sucks!

On a side note, I got a really bad cough a few years after breaking the rib & tore the connective tissue between a few sets of ribs and the pain was very similar (but on the opposite side so I know it wasn't related to that rib). That is really common with bad coughs I guess.