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I get this a couple times a year and I've got it bad right now. I went to the walk in clinic this morning and the only thing he could give me was an antibiotic. I have my regular OB check-up this week so I'll ask him what to do. I cough all the time and many times till I vomit. I'm doing the sinus rinse (like a netti pot) and other remidies. Drinking lots of hot tea with honey.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this chest congestion? I cough up stuff sometimes but mostly it doesn't come up enough for me to spit it out (gross, I know) but I can feel it rattling in my chest. Going to try a hot hot shower tonight and try Vick's tonight.

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no advice here... but i hope you feel better soon!!:bighug:

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No advice either, had that while I was pg with dd, it was awful. Hope you feel better soon.

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Oh im sorry, I hope you feel better soon. The only thing that ever helped me cough it(phlegm) up was turning the sink on hot and placing a towel over my head while leaning over sink. I would do that every morning for about 20 min to get it all up and out. It is pretty much the same as in the shower but you can get the steam hotter.

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Sorry Sad

Hope you feel better soon :bigarmhug:

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Oh I hope you feel better! Hot showers helped a little for me. I also use these menthol tablets I put on the bottom of the shower. They're called shower soothers. Mixed with the hot water and steam you get a nice vapor. I would sometimes do this 2-3 times a day. Hopefully the antibiotics start kicking in and loosen all that phlegm up! That's just so miserable!

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Not much advice but oohh do I feel for you. I get it every few years as well but this year nearly did me in. I had this bad for 8 weeks - and it sucked. I had it so bad I was coughing up blood & getting worse so I went to the docs & they put me on a biotic as well, was worried it might turn to pnemonia. I also ended up taking just normal Robitussin (which is basically guaifenesin) and that helped to clear up the junk in my lungs - but even now 10 weeks past I still cough a bit & my throat is sometimes sore at night. I used a cool mist humidifier that I kept running in my room, that seemed to help too esp. with my stuffed nose & dry/sore throat from coughing so much. If I never have to suck on a cough drop again it'll be too soon Lol

You have my utmost sympathies! :bighug:

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feeling better yet?

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Wow! That has to be frustrating. Hope you feel better soon.