burning feeling (don't worry - not tmi)

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burning feeling (don't worry - not tmi)

I keep getting this burning feeling, but it's not down there or anything. It's actually up at the top left of my uterus/belly about 6" below my left breast maybe. It is a random thing, will come for between 1-5 minutes then go away, but while it's there it literally feels like someone burned me with a cigarette or something. Does anyone have any ideas?? My ob yesterday said maybe the boy is hitting a nerve. It does occur when it feels he's in the area so I try to push him down a bit.

It is painful for the short period it happens so any advice would be much much appreciated!!

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Sorry - I don't have any advice. I experience something similar except it's on my right side. I didn't have it with my previous pregnancy. It's getting bothersome enough that I'm going to ask my OB about it next week but I don't think I'll get any answers.

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Hmmm - I haven't had that before. Hopefully someone else will have some advice.