burping and changing .....

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burping and changing .....

at night time. I cosleep. dh is in the couch Sad but i feed dd whenever she starts to wake up trying to get her fed before she's wide awake. do you ladies always burp at night? or only if they seem restless? also do you still change diapers w/ every feeding? I've struggled w/ this w/ all of mine. dd sleeps GREAT in my bed, but dh is about over the couch... he makes me nervous in bed w/us I always have to sleep w/ 1 eye opened! just wondering what's everyone's night time routine?

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i don't burp at night b/c he usually nurses less but more often (he'll nurse for like 15 mins. every hour). i do change atleast once at night.

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I change 1 to 2 times a night. When he was brand new I was changing every time he nursed.

We only cosleep at naps and occasionally at night. But DH is in bed with us those times and sometimes even big brother.

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I change Kendra twice a night usually. She sleeps in her bounce next to the bed, but by 3am or so, i usually put her in bed with us and she sleeps really well after that. i've perfected the sleeping with one eye open too Wink

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we change each time she eats (every 3 hrs) but sometimes she is pretty much dry when I change her. my hubs feeds her while I change her...that way she doesn't wake up. we try and burp her, but we don't usually get anything.

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I try to burp but if it doesn't come easily I lay him back down and then if he's grunting a bunch I'll pick him back up and try again. He sleeps in his crib which is less than 2 feet from our bed Wink ***knock on wood*** he's been sleeping so well that last night I didn't change his diaper at night, he slept from 9:30pm until I woke him to eat at 4am because I was so engorged I couldn't sleep and then he slept until 8am and I changed him at that point (he nurses much more often during the day and during the day I change him at least once for every feeding, he poops a lot during the day though)