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Can I join in

Hey everyone,

I'm on the September board and have been lurking here on and off. I'm due September 7 so I know there could be a chance that I deliver early at the end of August. This is my first child and it took 4 years of fertility to get there so I am excited but all new to most of this.

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Congrats on your pregnancy. You're more than welcome to join us. we've got quite a few first time Mom's.

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Hi Cheryl!

Im on both boards too! and we both are first time mommies and struggled to conceive!

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welcome, it is always nice to see other ladies who may be at the end/ beginning of one month or the other. I like to check on the other birth boards too.

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Welcome! Please join in!
My son was born Aug 31 so I know what you mean lol.

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Congrats on your pregnancy! Four years is worth it for the love you'll get! :-):D

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congrats and welcome!!!!

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Welcome & congrats on your Boy

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Welcome, Cheryl! Make sure to add your info to the EDD list and I'll add you to it. I'm due 8/28, so I might end up in September. Smile

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Welcome Cheryl.

I check in on you every once in a while b/c you were on the clomid board with me. It will be nice to have you around this board too Smile

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With trying to conceive my first baby I was put on clomid, that's how I found the clomid board. I never posted there but remember your name. Congratulations and welcome!! So exciting!

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Welcome aboard Cheryl and congratulations!