Candace 4 month picture With/ UPDATE On BC

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Candace 4 month picture With/ UPDATE On BC

ladies please forgive me...
Since joined this site I been pg 4X
I cant spend all my time on these boards... cause after a while I tend to lurk and next thing you know i'm knocked up from having baby fever... I know me and i cant do it.. LOL

I stop in from time to time... If you want to be friends on FB with me send me a message..

I STOPPED taking the mini pill cause it was messing my body up.
I was very very dry down there no matter how much lube we used
I was Never I mean NEVER in the mode to dtd and it was really irritating DH
cause i never wanted to be touched it felt like i was being Violated.
Reason why i never really been on BC
Ok then after , If we dtd.... I would burn down there for hours... as soon as I stopped the Bc ... Everything went away and I feel so normal now.

But here is Candace pouting Cause i put her down ... When im at the computer all she do is kick the keyboard and grab at it and I cant do nothing , She is a big roller, trying to sit up and she loves to jump up and down. She also grabs at everything and put it in her mouth . She is moving to fast .. I love her being a baby.

Candace 009

30 shots later and get this AHHHHHHHH!!!

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So sorry the BC did that too you. it was killing my milk (yes i was on the mini) so i stopped.

GL and enjoy your LO she's too precious!!!!!

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look at that pout!! She is beautiful!

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glad to hear from you, she is so adorable, and that little pout is too cute. sucks about the pill, but glad your doing whats right for you. miss you around here, but i miss me around here too, lol, thanks for the update. Biggrin