CD friendly diaper bag?

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CD friendly diaper bag?

So, with DD we started out with just a normal Carter's messenger style diaper bag. It was great, plenty big, I had no issues with it. Except we travel...a lot. And I overpack. So it wasn't quite roomy enough for plane trips, and it was a little annoying since it was over the shoulder. So I bought a back pack diaper bag for Christmas - I don't remember the brand, but it was nothing fancy. It is plenty big, definitely does the job. However, it is totally not cloth diapering friendly. It has an itty bitty pouch for the diapers (so they are easily accessible at the top), but the pouch isn't big enough for more than 2 not so great, especially when I've got to take dipes for two babes. So just wondering if anyone knows of or has a good CD diaper bag that is preferably a back pack? I know....I'm probably asking for a lot, ha ha. Wink

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Well I didn't use cloth diapers, but I did have 2 in diapers at once. I just bought a regular backpack. It had a zipper thing on the top flap that was pretty big and just stuck diapers in there. It worked out awesome cause it freed up my hands being a backpack. Sorry don't know if that's much help or not. And I'm more of a "practical" girl vs a "style" kind

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I will ask my older sister and get back with you! She is a CD'er, and I am not going to be....

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:lurk: I'm from Oct 11...

I'm a CDing momma of one but I will soon have your same question. I've been surfing the DiaperSwappers website. Here's a link to the Q & A forum...

Have you asked on there? That's where I plan to ask since they are all CDing moms. I have noticed that the Ju-Ju-Be bags seem to be popular but expensive. But I've also noticed that a lot of the moms are more thrifty with their options. HTH!