Cervix Length/Dilation/Effacement ??

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Cervix Length/Dilation/Effacement ??

Does your cervix length have anything to do with dilation?

I have been having a ton more contraxs since my last peri appt and I go again Tuesday. I know they will ck my cervix length again (it was 3cm at 28wks last time, said it was ok but didn't want it shorter). Should I request a ck at my next ob appt on Thursday to see if they are doing anything and I need to chill out more?

I dilated early with DD last time (was having contrax with her at this point, went to l/d and was 2cm but they stopped them). I walked around 2cm, then 3cm, then finally 4 stretch to 5cm from 35-37 wks when my water broke.

I am a repeat c-sec and wasn't sure if they would ck me ahead of time bc of this, but I kinda would like to know if the contrax are doing anything so I can relax more if I need to.

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I don't know if I would want them to check if you are having a c sec. Often them checking can get things moving.

I think I would wait and see what the dr's think after the u/s.

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Yeah, I don't know if I'd want them to check either. I'm also a repeat c-section but had no prior early labor issues.

I was actually wondering if my current OB would be doing cervical checks on me knowing I'll be c-section.

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Your cervical length tends to be related more to effacement (i.e, "thinning"). So while it can definitely mean that your contractions are doing something, it may not necessarily mean you're dilating.
They might be able to tell if you are starting to dilate via U/S. Also, they can look at your cervix with a speculum and tell if it is dilating. I would guess that if you mention that you've been having contractions, they will get a really good shot at your cervix with the U/S.